IMG_0380 Welcome! I am here to write about my life’s journey, and I have a long history of blogging online. I started my first semi-daily blog in 1999, and the updates became much more frequent in 2001; I have been updating somewhat regularly ever since. I purchased my own domain, grrlstar.net, in 2002 with the intent to have my say in the world… & when you’re sixteen, you have a lot to say!

A little bit about my professional life: After employment as a waitress, cabinetmaker, and a brief time in fashion sales, I received my Bachelors of Arts in Digital Media: Graphic Design from the University of Central Florida in 2007; I picked up minors in both Film and Fine Arts. Upon graduation, I applied for a commission in the United States Air Force. I served almost eight years as a combat flight officer & senior crew member on the B-52H.

I saw a need for a change for our military: Today I am pursuing my Masters of Science in Counseling to provide help to those military service members and veterans who seek it. A Ph.D. is not too far down the road of goals.

In other words, you can see I am a jack of all trades, looking to try as many things in life as possible.

I love live music and play the piano. I enjoy volunteering with older folks, art, beach and outdoor activities, birding, and cosmetology. I am also into cosplay, video games, and the fantasy genre in general. I have a heart for Hospice volunteering, as well as being a part of passing the legacy of our older veterans through music and talking story.

My fellow adventurer in life and love is my husband of eight years, Larry. He’s an Air Force officer and the reason I am in Hawaii. While we are both fiercely independent, it means the world when we can steal a few moments together.

If you’d like to contact me directly for any inquiries, link exchanges, or comments, please feel free to use the form below.

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