This & That.

4DAPUNX. There’s something oddly ironic about walking your dog in Suburbia sporting a Rancid …And Out Come the Wolves t-shirt. Yeah get some. Starting a riot, but not outlandishly enough for the police to be called. Since like, five of them actually live in my neighborhood.

España. Larry and I went to see the Shreveport Symphony this weekend, with special guest Jason Vieaux; he plays classical guitar.

The program consisted of the following:

LUIGI BOCCHERINI:    Symphony in D minor (“La Casa del Diavolo”)
JOAQUÍN RODRIGO:    Concierto de Aranjuez
SILVESTRE REVUELTAS:    Suite from Redes
MANUEL DE FALLA:  Three-Cornered Hat Suite No. 1, Ritual Fire Dance

He has long hair and looks every bit the tortured musician. And by tortured I mean a semi-famous and extremely talented wearer of scarves. I saw the guy who sold me my piano’s dad at the event; I think he was trying to figure out where he knew me from. A few hours later, Larry realized he had food poisoning from an ill-fated office meal outing at Fuddrucker’s. Does anyone eat at Fuddrucker’s? If you do, why do/would you eat at Fuddrucker’s? Obviously, Larry wanted to lose a few pounds by sitting on the toilet with a trash can in his lap, brought to you by Carl’s Jr Fuddrucker’s. Gets that extra weight loss edge.

So the Tauriel costume is going along nicely. Too bad the Air Force will probably send me out of town the weekend of Dallas ComicCon. FML. I won’t be able to attend any conventions in the summer because I’ll be out of town on Air Force training, and deploying in the fall, so no cons there.

Lastly, guess who made the international news. Good ol’ B-52, H model. Even made InfoWars, and you know it’s not news nor conspiracy fodder until Mister Alex Jones gets a hold of it:


Las Vegas or Bust!

VEGAS. Because a person in our squadron got sick, I was given two days notice I’d be attending a war exercise in Las Vegas. Because I don’t want to get my ass kicked by Public Affairs, here is what Red Flag is, from their press release:

“Red Flag-Nellis is conducted on the Nevada Test and Training Range and involves U.S. and allied forces from all brances of service. Each Red Flag exercise normally involves a variety of interdiction, attack, air superiority, defense suppression, airlift, air refueling and reconnaissance aircraft. Within a typical 12-month period, more than 1,200 aircraft fly 20,000 plus sorties while training more than 26,750 personnel. Since combat is no place to train aircrews, Red Flag provides a peacetime “battlefield” within which our combat air forces can train. Inside this battlefield, aircrews train to fight together, survive together and win together.  Red Flag-Nellis is held four times annually.”

We were there with many different countries this time, including Denmark, Belgium, Germany, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.

A little background about Saudi Arabia: “Saudi Arabia imposes a strict interpretation of Islamic law, forbidding women to work or travel without the authorisation of their male guardians. It is also the only country in the world that bans women from driving, and a woman cannot obtain an identification card without the consent of her guardian. ‘Women in Saudi must obtain permission from a male guardian to perform ‘certain surgeries’ and to ‘leave the university campus during study hours.’”[source] You should have seen the shade the Saudi Arabian Air Force was throwing my way when they saw me driving around in our awesome gilded (okay, beige-ish gold colored) government-issued mini-van (which I dubbed “Goldmine”). Or the constipated looks I received when I was doing something as dubious and insolent as walking around the base. Or attending briefings. If Saudi women aren’t allowed to drive cars, does that mean they can’t fly bombers, too (if they had them, of course)? I wonder if their minds get changed just a little bit, like a seed of doubt is planted, when they see how competent, badass, and capable our female aviators are? Like maybe the cake is a lie?

So, yeah, I went to Las Vegas for two weeks. This was my third participation in a Red Flag exercise, more than anyone else in my squadron. Overall, I found the exercise to be run less efficiently than Red Flag Alaska. Perhaps it’s the leadership, maybe not. I did get some time off to explore Vegas, and I encouraged everyone to step outside their comfort zone and do fun things they usually wouldn’t do; do something other than drink. I did see the Cirque du Soleil show “Zarkana”, which was pretty amazing. When two handsome acrobats were flying over the audience, a guy friend next to me said “Man, wish I could do that.” I simply replied, “Me too.” Heh. Wrecker, a fellow female Radar Navigator, was a pal to go shopping and see the sights with me. We even visited two (!) Bettie Page clothing stores while we were there, and bought fancy cocktail dresses to attend the Zarkana show in style. We even got a fantastic seat at the Hyde Bar at the Bellagio, right in front of the windows overlooking the fountains. I even got a very handsome ensemble from Agent Provocateur for a souvenir, since there was a store there at Caesar’s Palace.

Today, Larry and I are going to see Bossier Parish Community College’s production of Fiddler on the Roof, everyone’s favorite musical. Besides The Sound of Music, of course.

Sci-Fi Expo 2014

SCIFI EXPO. So I finally did it. I convinced Larry to attend a Sci-Fi convention. It took years of baby steps and slow, insidious nerdery, but it is done. We drove out to Dallas for their Expo, but I have to say, it doesn’t hold a candle to MegaCon in Orlando, Florida. Debbie Downer alert.

The venue was way too small, and was multiple stories, forcing people to corral traffic flow into escalators. Anyway, my chief gripe was that every goddam costume was Doctor Who and I almost lost my shit. Now, granted, I haven’t attended a con since 2008, but dear lord, man… Has every con you’ve seen been overrun with Doctor Whos and related schlock? When did this happen? Where are the Star Wars costumes, the Trekkies, and the Ringers? My lamentations fall on deaf ears. There were a couple nice Judge Dredds. I am in love with the dude on the right’s comic-style frowny Dredd face. Not much swag, but I did pick up two fancy guest hand towels with, “Don’t Panic” emblazoned across the front. Classy. As always, I do have a soft spot in my heart for the dudes that ask for a photo with you. No hover hand needed, man, it’s totally okay!

In other news, my Tauriel costume is coming along pretty well. Just need to craft some extra arrows and a quiver.

MUSIC. I’ve been continuing my volunteer service at the elderly folks’ home again. There are a few nice places in the area, and when I say nice, I mean nice. I guess this is a “big city”, so there are numerous choices for assisted and retirement living. Up in Minot, there was one care center really, and that was well-looked after. These places have wood floors, paintings in gilded picture frames, and an activities schedule you have to sign up for over a month in advance. A little uppity, yes, so I just arrive on Saturdays and play for a couple hours. If anyone listens, I’ll stay. One place has a pretty legit baby grand piano that is very enjoyable to play. One little old lady wheeled over and said, “I thought you were a man. I mean, you play the piano like a man. You play jazz and improvise. Most of the time it’s men who do that.” Pwnd.

HOUSE OF CARDS. I found the character arc for Rachel in House of Cards a tad bit disappointing. Yar, ahead lie spoilers: Anyway, I was over the moon when she made her friend at the Fellowship (damn, not Frodo), but I was disappointed to see it blossom into a sexual relationship. I feel popular shows and movies have a serious lack of strong female friendships. I was so excited, like, “Oh good! They are best friends, like sisters! This is so refreshing. You never see this.” Then two seconds later… “aaaaand, they’re lesbians. Should have seen that coming.” I wish Hollywood would write something, ANYTHING about close platonic lady kinship. You just don’t see it at all. How disappointing.

& WHAT. I know I haven’t been updating much… Larry was gone for two weeks to Minot, and I didn’t feel comfortable sharing that here. Safety and all that. There’s been some troubles at work, like that expression, “When it rains, it pours.” I feel like the Morton salt girl lately. I’ve almost finished decorating my bedroom from the move, and I’ll post pictures when it’s all done! I wanted it to look like a hotel. Photos next time.

Lastly, Fable: Anniversary has been fun. I did play the original, and appreciate the Unreal makeover it has received. It just goes to show the pros and cons we have to realize as modern gamers because: 1) You can’t “open world explore” like you can in the more modern RPG titles & 2) You can’t get rid of old items you don’t need anymore, but then again, you don’t have a carry weight limit, either. I might just have to play through Fable II, but Fable III was junk. When will developers realize that if you rush a game release for whatever reason, the world is going to figure it out, and quickly? Anyway, HERO YOUR HEALTH IS LOW…

Crabs & Crawfish

That’s the face of contentment that only coffee can bring.

Last weekend, Larry and I received free dinner buffet coupons to a brand new resort casino here in town, Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville. It’s a sprawling high-rise hotel on the river with a tropical theme, smoking, and gambling. Over Christmas, my family went to eat at their swanky restaurant. Well, they also sent us each $10 in free gambling money, so we enjoyed their crab legs, green-lipped mussels, and complimentary wine until we could crab no more, then gambled our free $10 and left. Thanks for the amazing evening out, Jimmy Buffet! It indeed changed both attitude and latitude. Even though we still remained in North 32. Sure as hell beats North 48. Where Larry is right now, for two weeks. He had to go back to Minot to inspect the base. Oh how we move up in the world, then return to where we were. Luckily, only temporarily to remind him how utter crap the winters are in Minot.

SECAF. I went to go hear the Secretary of the Air Force speak this week on base. Before the speaking event, my Director of Operations in my squadron uttered those seven awful, awful words that nobody in the Air Force (or military) wants to hear: “Hey, what are you doin’ right now?” Of course, I had scheduled some furniture to be delivered between two and three p.m., and the SECAF’s speech may have run over into that time frame, and then I was going to get my hair colored (girl dem roots!) so maybe I could have sneaked out early if… Yes, all that ran through my mind because on the spot taskers have such a grand, spectral range, from vacuuming the building & taking out the trash, to pain in the (t)ass-kers like planning a change of command ceremony (I’ve done that twice. The food was good). Of course, being that a major was about to give me a tasker, my scheduled is clear. Anyone of lesser esteem and I would have said no way man. “I’m not working on much right now, what is it, sir?” “I need you to ask a question to the Madame Secretary today, if there is a lull in questioning.” As with most celebrities, dignitaries or the like, when they “open the floor for questions”, you’d better have them rapid fire. And it’s SO phony, too; we had an 18-year old airman (or airlady if you will) ask about information really only privy to Colonels and commanders. Super phony. Anyway, the approved question I was given to ask was poorly composed and redundant. Luckily there wasn’t enough time for my question. I didn’t want to embarrass the Second Bomb Wing, either. I was really just doing everyone a favor. Yep.

I suppose when people who are lofty and far above us all do these speaking engagements, you pay a little more attention when you hear the news or leadership talking about the Madame Secretary. Your ears perk up just a little bit and you care a little more. That whole “name with a face” type thing. She was here at the base because of that ridiculous scandal with the missile officers and their cheating. I can’t say I feel bad for missileers; they never deploy and they have a strict, predictable schedule. They sit around in climate controlled comfort and get all the time in the world to crank out a Master’s degree. Plus, their commitment is only like, three years, as opposed to aviator’s six or nine-year commitment. Stop whining. Free masters in an air-conditioned bunker with showers and you get to look cool by wearing OUR flight suits, even though you don’t fly. Flight. Suit. Pssh.

CRAWFISH. Went out with my neighbors last night. They ordered twenty-five pounds of crawfish and I learned how to crack them for tail meat. This included eating some of the yellow goopy stuff, which I think was brain matter. That’s so metal. I ate crawfish brains. Know what else is pretty metal? Dropping 4,000 lbs of dumb bombs and a fancy CBU last week from a few miles above the earth. Desert lizards don’t stand a chance against my steel.

Here Goes: 2014

HOLLY JOLLY. My holidays were mostly relaxing and low-key, and to say that I hosted makes this pretty unbelievable. This year, my sister spent Christmas with her in-laws in Detroit. I hosted anyone who could make it to my new home in Louisiana. My parents, Larry’s father, & his charming new wife made it out to spend a few days in Cajun Christmas fashion. It was the first Christmas without little rugrats running around, which was an odd, but not wholly unwelcome change. There are pro’s and con’s to each, of course. Something about having children around makes the holidays a little more magical, but with adults, the evenings are made magical with a bottle of good brandy or a cup of egg nog. I fashioned the most amazing cocktail ever for Christmas: it was egg nog (in a more festive response to creme de cacao), peppermint Schnapps, Sprite & vodka. DO WANT every year.

Oddly enough, we didn’t really take any photos. Who wants to take photos of a bunch of us old heads huddled around the fire, anyway? Bah. I did receive my Grandmother’s pearl ring, which I wore for my wedding, and my sister wore for hers. It was given to her by my Grandfather in 1949-ish. I’ll have to find out the exact date. It really is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry in my family.

For New Year’s, I was planning on hosting a cocktail party, but as the family cleared out to return home, I asked Larry if he wanted to:

  • Host a party
  • Host a few neighbors
  • Have a quiet New Year’s in

So, I made a nice French dinner and chocolate soufflés for dessert, and we watched Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to ring in 2014.

HOBBIT. I saw “The Hobbit” take two. Although she’s not a canon character, I am going to craft a Tauriel costume for Dallas ComicCon. What a badass. Larry’s working on a Teutonic Knight costume. I’ll bring him over to the dark side yet. Need to drop twenty for my elvish costume. Elves are supposed to be the epitome of grace and athleticism. How fortunate this coincides with my Air Force Physical Fitness test that I’m due for in March. I’d more motivated by looking fabulous in costume than passing the damn thing. Oh well, Mazlo’s Hierarchy, amirite?

FRIENDSHIPS, MAN. The odd thing about being female in today’s military is, well, among lots of things, the glass ceiling you find yourself looking up into when it comes to making friendships. Now, we all know the military is generally, mostly male, as it is to be expected. However, no matter how modern we claim to be as a military machine and the U.S. Government as an employer, if you are close friends with someone of the male persuasion, it is guaranteed to get tongues wagging. I am no stranger to having males as best friends, in fact, I’ve always had males as my select few best friends. My no-nonsense attitude and “one and you’re done” mentality seems to emblazon my friendships with males (“one and you’re done” refers to anyone who double-crosses me, even once, is cut from my life).

I’ve always been too busy in life for drama or similar foolishness; the precious time I have off from work is spent with those I care most about. So, in the military, I’ve noticed, people still adhere to the scapegoat mentality; they want someone to judge and shred to pieces. I’ve seen it on multiple occasions, and I’ve been a victim to it on multiple occasions. No matter how “modern” we claim to be as a military or a society, this fact will, so it seems, always remain, and usually the woman is the topic of conversations. People just can’t handle it. I have a home to run; I have wine glasses to polish, cocktail parties to host, Elven Cosplay to craft, & lots of Game of Thrones episodes to catch up on. Moreover, I hardly have time of all of this and a military job, much less time to go husband or boyfriend-stealing. Ain’t nobody got time (or patience) for that. By the way, thanks to the lovely Ms. Stephy Dee for the badass silver belt she sent me for Christmas. With friends like these…!

FRIGID. Yeah yeah, everyone’s talking. Talkin’ bout people… or the extreme weather that’s moving across the U.S. I am practically Bad Luck Brian here.

& All That Jazz.

NOLA. Last weekend, Larry and I attended a wedding five hours away in New Orleans. I’ve never been to New Orleans, and the last time Larry was there was to aid in the Katrina cleanup efforts. We stayed at the Renaissance Hotel in the Arts District, just a few blocks from the French Quarter. The wedding itself was really first class; the groom is a pilot from my old squadron in Minot, whom Larry met back in 2008. I guess we’ve been following each other around ever since. I imagine that Mark, the groom, will be vying for a move to Shreveport, as his bride Meredith’s family is from New Orleans. They seem like they have roots here a long time, too.

Anyway, the wedding was held in a historic Catholic church, and the service included a pipe organ, tenor singer, cellist, and trumpet player. How lovely! Meredith’s veil was a mile long in fine Catholic style, and the bridesmaids wore long emerald colored dresses. I found the musical rendition of “Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming” to be particularly moving.

The reception was held in the downtown park area, in a southern-style banquet hall. It was an afternoon reception with tables of fine hors d’oeuvres with local shrimp and crab; There was even a table with cajun style shrimp & grits. The live band provided the music as the open bar provided the atmosphere, and I resided with military friends at a few tables that we pushed together. That evening, a pilot friend and his new wife wanted to see the sights, so the hotel concierge hooked us up with a few places to visit in the French Quarter. We dined at The Bourbon House, sampling different Cajun delicacies, then moved on to a jazz bar at the Royal Sonesta Hotel called the “Irvin Mayfield Jazz Playhouse”. Irvin Mayfield wasn’t playing, but a fabulous band was there with dueling pianos and some extremely talented musicians. The next day, we saw the “Running of the Santas”, which is an annual tradition in New Orleans… which segues nicely to my next point


SECRET SANTA. I received my Reddit Secret Santa gifts, and what a fantastic job she did! She enclosed a dachshund Christmas card and (among other things) a copy of a newly released book on T.E. Lawrence (that I haven’t read yet!) called Lawrence In Arabia: War, Deceit, Imperial Folly and the Making of the Modern Middle East. She also gave a nod to my artistic side by including a book, An Illustrated Life, an inspirational book that peeks into sketchbooks of artists and designers. I gave some amazing homemade fudge (caramel and walnut) to Larry, and even little Otto got a gift: a chipmunk toy. It was quite a generous parcel of gifts.

LAST HURDLES. The family is rolling into town soon, and I have to brief the wing commander on Friday. Always seems like I have to chew through the straps to get some time off… like work right up until the day of and relax not a second sooner. It’s hard to get into the Christmas spirit when you are stuck in a windowless room all day with people you work with. Amazing, right?

M News.

SANTA MARIAH. You know it’s not really officially Christmastime until you hear Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas is You somewhere out in a store. Speaking of Mariah Carey, did I ever mention that in Minot, there was this Japanese Hibachi place that played Mariah Carey on a loop in their restaurant? I bet they are blowin’ the place up with her Christmas album this year. Or that badass rendition of O Holy Night she did with Michael Bolton in like, 1994. Go listen to it. It’ll make your ears explode with 90s goodness. See what I did there? Saint Mariah. But Santa… because it’s Spanish or something.

RETURN OF THE MACK. Today’s the day: Larry is driving his last day down to Shreveport, Louisiana to finally move. I mean, it’s only a month apart (he was waiting on his military orders) so it’s not a big deal, but I want him to see the house I set up! And of course, the most important big damn deal: I finally got my Steinway Piano! It’s a model M, 5’7″ (I’m 5’8″!) with 33,823 lbs. of tension. It’s very lovely, and came with a player piano system. No, I’m not talking about me, I’m talking about a fancy system that ties into your iPod or computer and you can select songs for it to play by clicking from a playlist. It’s like a ghost is playing. Pretty nifty. Anyway, I’m excited for Lar to see it.

Anyway, I’m making Larry a dinner of stuffed chicken marsala with asparagus and garlic mashed potatoes. My friends Amie & Devin also sent me a case of wine from California to say thanks for watching their homes and vehicles during their deployment last summer. It’s called Highflyer wine from Somerston Wine Co., and it has a vintage aviation theme. Hello, do these two know me or what? I can’t wait to try it tonight with the meal! How special!

SKEDS. This Friday is my new bomb squadron’s Christmas party. Now, most people roll their eyes and hate these work party type things. Non, they are not my favorite either. However, I’ve been on the planning end of one of these things and whether or not it’s your most favorite thing to do on a Friday night, it’s good to support those who have given their time to help plan it. Also, it’s one night out with your squadron. I’ve been a part of this squadron less than two weeks and I am signed up. Larry is rolling into to town the night before this party, and he is going. I wonder what the excuses are? The theme is Ugly Sweater. I’m wearing a cocktail dress. Plus, a drink ticket is included with the dinner; I told the planner that he should plan for a “Cocktail Hour & a half“. People seem to have the best time then, and it sets the tone for the evening.

Oh, & listen to this: I was making small talk with one of my Minot bros (who moved the exact time as me down here, and to the same squadron), and casually asked if he was attending the Holiday party. His response was: “No. I don’t like Christmas.” So, he has the best excuse so far because he is the Grinch the Didn’t Care Enough to Steal Christmas. Fair enough.

Next weekend, Larry and I are going to a friend’s wedding in New Orleans. It’s a Catholic ceremony; I should get a good stand-up-sit-down workout, so I have that going for me, which is nice. Then, the following weekend my parents are rolling into town with their three wiener dogs, for a quartet of hounds total. Festivus!

BEE AYE. So I finished decorating the bonus room upstairs. I’m glad to have a place for all my 2001 paintings and assorted schlock.

SECRET SANTA. I got my Reddit secret santa giftee. He’s a gay 22-year old college student (from Louisiana of all places!) He plays Marvel video games, and that’s about all he had to say in his bio. I am sending him a nice coffee table book on the world’s best beers and a year’s subscription to GQ. Above and beyond, bro.

Cajun Invasion

GYPSY. I’ve traveled 1,700 miles and I am finally settled into my new home in Louisiana! It has been quite the busy last couple of weeks… but the hard work has paid off. On my trip down, I stopped in Sioux Falls, South Dakota to stay in a Bed & Breakfast. The second night I stayed in Joplin, Missouri. The leaves were blazing red and orange all the way South.

Upon rolling into Shreveport, I found a lovely home in a friendly, safe neighborhood… only after looking at about six overpriced roach motels with another rental company. The first place I looked at in the afternoon with the next rental company (much disheartened by this point), I took a quick tour of the house. I told the realtor “Where do I sign?” just a few minutes after walking in the door. It’s perfect!

People in this housing development actually just stand outside and talk to each other in their front yards. I’ve already met all my neighbors, and even spent Thanksgiving with a friendly one, Alison, from across the street. Her husband worked on Thanksgiving, and my plans were a frozen burrito and a bottle of wine. Spending it with new friends is, indeed, more baller. Here is the living room before and after. With a dog.

HANDYLADY. Since moving into my rental home with Otto, I have taken down eight ugly light fixtures and/or ceiling fans, rewired better lighting fixtures to match my decor, installed eight dimmer switches, re-wired the dryer for a 4-prong plug, installed under cabinet lighting, repainted the kitchen, and took the water regulator out of my shower head. & did I mention I unpacked everything in about three days? The picture above is day three. I will have to post a lovely photo of my media room/office because I love the way it turned out. All my paintings finally have a place to hang, and I have my SNES, N64, and XBOX all hooked up, organized, and ready for play. I calibrated my turntable today and listened to some xmess rekkids. I love the cover of this one…

I am flying on Monday, and they aren’t doing the silly “fly you with an instructor for your first flight down here” type thing. Because I’m fully qualified, they are waiving that. Larry arrives on Thursday, and I have a huge surprise for him (and you all, too!) I have to keep it off the blog in case someone sees the surprise and lets it slip! I am usually SO terrible at keeping surprises under wraps (get it? Christmas wraps?). If a gift I’ve ordered for Larry comes in the mail I’m like OMG A GIFT OPEN IT QUICK! “But my birthday’s not for two weeks!” OMG OPEN IT! WAT IS IT???

My parents are visiting for Christmas, and their best friend in Dallas, which is three hours away, is jetting over, as well. I am a real grown up now, and have a guest room (and the awesome media room has a pull out sofa!), so no one has to sleep on a crappy old air mattress (aka, glorified and more expensive pool float). Steph, I am looking at YOU to come visit … and end up moving to Texas again…

In celebration of Black Friday, I stayed inside, made vegan banana bread, & ordered air filters, Christmas cards, and specialty coffee on Amazon. I also snagged a bunch of jazz Christmas music from YouTube. If anyone wants to do a music exchange, comment with your e-mail! Oh, and is anyone else doing the Reddit Secret Santa this year?

Later, Minot

SOLD. So, I sold my house and the money’s in the bank! Larry, Otto, and I are living with a friend from work on the military base. Five minute work commute = more sleep.

KATZ. I am making good progress on bringing all my scattered blogs together here. It’s an extremely time-consuming process, and I’m pretty sure I left out quite a few for editing. Most of them are public, but a few have remained locked. If you’d like the passcode, I’ll give it to those who always had access to it – you know who you are! Also, I am publishing my poetry in with the blogs under the “poetry” tag. I’ve completed about 250 entries by hand… only 70 more to go. I’ll also be publishing my dream journal in with the entries under the “dreams” tag.

MEGA MECHANIC. The other day I changed the oil on a B-52 H model while teetering on the top of a really tall ladder. Then the pilot and I refueled that bitch. No big deal, right? Additionally, our base had a super big deal inspection… and we passed with flying colors. Odd that the news outlets claim to be “non-biased” and “fair and balanced”, but I haven’t heard a front page story about how much our base rocked our inspection. They only report the few occasions that people make mistakes or do a crap job. Thanks a lot, jerk news media. All of you. Way to support the troops. Anyway, here are two photos from it; the first is me finishing up my bomb bay inspection. The second is any aircrew who did exceptionally well at.. eh, pretty much everything that was important. I’m front and center there with my lightbulb hair. Rock.

BLAZIN’. Tomorrow I leave for my trip to Louisiana. And by trip, I mean move. My car is packed solid (as usual) as I will make my 1,600 mile trip in three days, with Otto dog as my co-pilot. He really makes a terrible navigator, though. Yesterday, in front of the whole squadron, my commander said a nice farewell, gave me a “Tundra Survival Certificate” (it’s the extreme weather you’ve seen for your time at Minot… 81 knot winds….) and a tail flash (a miniature B-52H tail with your squadron on it and your name and all that). I went to bolt off the stage, and he said “Well, aren’t you going to say anything?” In the words of the great Hellboy… “Aw, crap.”

So I blurted out this speech about how I love you all, Bro Namath, and I left my certificate for a week parking in the Commander’s parking spot to the mega awkward dude in the squadron that drives one of those advertisement-wrapped McDonald’s cars. So, hopefully he will use it wisely to embarrass leadership. And by wisely, I mean during a high visibility inspection. Highlarious. I’ll see you in my rear view tomorrow morning, Minot and North Dakota. & this is me vs. Larry in our packing styles:

… & see you all when I find a place to live in Shreveport! It’s no Beverly Hills, but Dallas is just two point five hours away for fun and adventure (and the culture, Duke, the culture!). Plus, we had our first snow here in Minot well over a week ago, with about an inch of accumulation. Gotta get out of town quickly!

Miracle of Miracles

[ Well, folks, this is a huge announcement. Please continue to read if you'd like to see me geek out a little. ]

I have installed WordPress on my server.

What does this mean, praytell? It means that I could transfer all my journal entries from across the web… across the Livejournal… across the Blogger… so as of now, I have all my entries dating clear back to March 2003. Additionally, it’s hosted server side, so I have total control of the content from anywhere.

Big deal: I will be adding my entries from my journal that I used to host right here at, dating back to 1999. This is a huge project; I think there are about 150+ entries to input by hand. But gradually, my teenage saga will be showing up here in the archives. Additionally, I will need to hand-correct each imported Livejournal entry that contained any HTML (each tag imported incorrectly); this is about 600 entries.

I am proud to be one of the internet’s most historic daily journal-style bloggers (back before it was called blogging) and I am so excited to have this project underway. You have no idea. Being able to access all these memories from one place is just beyond words for me.

Thanks for listening, interwebz. Bear with me on these changes. See you again soon, and tell your friends. /geekout.