you wouldn’t fool me, would ya?

i am once again at the UCF library. i always have so much time between my classes; and amy isn’t on campus at all today!

my car is fixed, and i can pick it up tomorrow. it only cost $1,600 for towing repairs. at least i didn’t have to pay for it…

i miss my matthew. in fact, i don’t think i’ve ever said that in livejournal. ew.. i promise never to do that again.

working out has made me a happier person. what was that legally blonde quote, “happy people just don’t go around killing people”?

i’m doing a report on using aborted fetuses for stem cell research (yes it’s a south park episode). what do you think? is growing fetus parts for us BETTER humans right or wrong?

5 thoughts on “you wouldn’t fool me, would ya?

  1. when are your classes? you’re worth coming to campus for.

    the pee tee is back! hurrah!

    you quoted legally blonde… i’ve infected you.

    aborted fetuses should be used for stem cell research.

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