Yeah, so?

“If someone sees vampires, than that’s cool, and if they don’t, that’s fine, too. It’s pretty much open to interpretation. I don’t think vampires even say the word ‘vampire.’ I’m not a script writer but I am proud I wrote this.”

… I love the film building more & more each week!

MySpace re-wrote & Nazified their embed tag. I used to have my own uploaded mp3’s on my profile, but they made it force this huge clunky media player, made my page ugly it won’t even play my song. I’m offended.

Poseur1039: Shitty ass MySpace music! I am so mad!
PandoraLydia: It’s just MySpace!
Poseur1039: It’s stifling my “art girl confidential” scene here! I want obscure Bossa Nova dammit!
PandoraLydia: Yeah it totally sucks!

I’m taking out my extensions tonight. Because Nerie knows last night I dreamt of Glocca Morra… again.

4 thoughts on “Yeah, so?

  1. LOL you know I’m really glad I read this because I now like urban. not for their clothes really, but their models look like they eat and have a BMI over 12.

    LOL at that quote!

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