my weekend was uneventful to say the least. i worked on saturday. then i didn’t do anything until monday night. evan was talking to me online, and he says “i’m so bored i take sleeping pills to make the time go faster.” and i agreed, i did that last summer! good times. so we decided that we should hang out, since we both had absolutely jack to do.

so i picked him up, and we went to see “undercover brother” at the movies. glenn was there, and after the previews started, he came and sat by us. i asked “why are all the movies they’re advertising afro-american based?” and he says “because it’s undercover brother”…damn that kid! he’s always too smart for his own good. hmm, i love glenn (but not in that way, matt. i love you too, maybe more than glenn). after that we went to taco bell.

the girl that served us was so catty. i was like “chalupa please..” and she’s like “what kind.” and i say “the normal one..” because this riddle curveball of a question threw me off guard. so i stammered and stuttered like an idiot until she rolled her eyes and gave us the total. i like chalupas and that little dog. what can i say? i’m a advertiser/marketer’s wet dream.

after taco bell, we went to barnes and nobles. when we are looking for a parking space, we see alex and matt in there. i mean, i thought i was a b&n junkie. evan hates alex (he had a knife for the sole purpose), and i dun think highly of him either, so we avoided him. they left after a while, and matty said he’d take evan home. i wonder where they really went.

but it was cool because we got to hang out longer.

today i worked all day. but i had the most wonderful evening. matt knocked on my door, totally to my surprise. i didn’t know if we were going to go to swing lessons tonight. so i grabbed my shoes and smelly socks and ran off with him. he opened the door to the car, and i saw three red roses on the seat! i wasn’t sure if they were for me, because i had begged so long for some pretty flowers. and they were for me! i felt so glamourous to be receiving roses from my boyfriend! we had a lovely time driving there, and we were late, but so was our swing instructor. he had run out of gas, but still looking fabulous. it was all so dreamy.

billie hates all her friends now. i sort of resent it. but if she wants to make up some situation in her head, i’m not going to do anything about it. because i’m “selfish”. i think it’s an attention thing. or the drugs.

this lady at the movies had a raging mullet.

me and sami had lesbian dreams about each other.

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