11 thoughts on “XBox 360

  1. Oh lord. I saw this post this morning but I haven’t checked up on it. Are they REALLY crying about GWTW not being #1?? I must go over there right now to laugh…….

    My favourite piece of music from a movie is the theme they play while the camera is panning up the office building in Baby Face (1933). It’s so trashy.

  2. The score to Star Wars is one of those things that gives me shivers when I hear it because it’s totally engraved in my memory…I mean, who doesn’t recognize it? So many of John Williams’ scores are classics and Star Wars deserves the #1 spot on the list.

    Dammit, now I have to go watch the Making of Star Wars documentary on DVD.

    And as far as other film scores go, I’m also gonna go with Edward Scissorhands, Indiana Jones, Dracula (the Phillip Glass one, yes, I know everybody hates it), The Little Princess, Amélie, Batman Returns, Hook, and the Addams Family movies. And I should stop now.

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