Working with a computer is great.

zomg Easter family photo. I look riveted. L-R: Me, gramma, my niece Hannah, my sister, and my cousin Cody.

“When you’re working with a computer, you gotta build something with your mind.”
This sweet old IBM computer is in the stockroom at Macy’s. Cutting edge technology here, people.

… & additionally, a finished Scrabble board from last night. Matty and I are on a Scrabble kick. I beat him more often than he beats me. Last night, the letters and vowels were adding up perfectly for me, which entitled me to create most of the gems on this board. We’re pretty lax about rules, hence such finds as “yaoi”. He usually beats me at Star Wars Trivial Pursuit, but I pwn him in regular Trivial Pursuit.

I finally bought Kameo used at Gamestop for $12.99. It’s always looked really cute and I now have the opportunity to play. It’s creative, if nothing else. Only a few more days until MarioKart and Hellboy…

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  1. “Kameo” was the game that we had about 80 used copies of at GameStop, and I’ve never heard anything good about it. Lemme know what you think after you’ve spent some time with it. ^_^

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