winter weather

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so i went home for thanksgiving, and to see the baby. i had three turkey dinners in all, including one at my grandma’s and one with matty’s family. since my sister wouldn’t be home from the hospital in time for thanksgiving, we had one friday for her. i have had quite enough of that whole turkey and stuffing nonsense for a while!

yesterday, evan, matty, and i went to denny’s for breakfast. we talked about tattoos and girls and all that jazz. i suggested we have another bonfire (since we had such a good one a week before)! and that’s what we did. matty and i chopped firewood like happy lumberjacks and built a tee-pee fire. it helped thaw us all out from the surprisingly cool weather we’ve been having here. (so cool that i haven’t heard a peep from anyone here at jefferson ghetto. nobody playing basketball. nobody screaming at 3am. it’s heaven.) i got the lowdown dirty on what’s been going on in merritt island (not that it’s really a big deal anymore), which i appreciated.

i bought a few new things at the mall, and i really need a pal to go shoe shopping with! i need a pair of heels that will go well with some tan pants. i was also successful in another trip to the mall. observe.

a coat from b. arden, a skirt and pair of pants from express, patent black heels from nine west, and a couple things from victoria’s secret.

after that shopping extravaganza, i took myself out to dinner. in the booth directly behind me, there was a couple with their three year old. they would point to something on the drink menu, and the kid would tell them what it was. “that’s daddy’s beer.” “that’s whiskey.” “that’s a marTINI!!!” kids these days. and PARENTS these days!

Poseur1039: i would like to think i had a great great uncle named “carson” that was a crazy bootlegger or something.

BANJOMATT: Did your Granny ever tell you she had a great great uncle that ran around with Jessie James?

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