i finally got around to watching fight club. evan invited me to hilary’s house to watch it on dvd. i met him and daniel at mcdonalds, and i was sleeping in the backseat. there were a bunch of people at her house, i knew heather, but that was all. so i clung to evan because of a lack of wanting to talk to anyone. hilary liked my van.

the movie itself wasn’t so grand when i watched it. but the more i thought about it, the more i’ve come to like it. brad pitt is just… yowza. i suppose i recommend it, but i do not, however, recommend watching the part where bob’s brains hit the floor. or when he’s kicking the crap out of this one guy… i covered my eyes with a pillow at that part. silliness.

yesterday i washed my van. matty helped some. i now have thirty three mosquito bites on my legs and arms. they look like leprosy on my pasty white legs.


it’s all clean and the lettering is all off the sides. didn’t get around to vacuuming it, though. i put pillows on the back seat bench, but no one rides around with me so no one ever sits on it. this morning, instead of sitting alone at a crumby bench at school, i waited in the parking lot in my pretty van until matty showed up. i chauffered him in and we sat inside on the comfy pillows until school started.


look! i added pretty pumpkin beads to my car. suave! but my van’s new favorite activity is stalling while in reverse. not so suave.

i ebayed again today. i bought a pair of vinyl capris, a hello kitty hand held vacuum, a black tulle ball skirt, and bid on a spider web dress.

brenna is a hypothetical feminine of Brennus, which is recorded in 3rd and 4th century Roman histories as the name of leaders of a Celtic and a Galatian tribe…

but didn’t you know that already? nina posted this cute thing that if you go into google and type “[your name] is”, you find all sorts of weird and amusing things.

Brenna is a ninth grader who seems to be motivated to succeed in school and in her social life.

Brenna is now working on a second bachelors.

Brenna is the author of four novels.

Brenna is a girl who has a hard time making up her mind about whether she will be an artist/illustrator, an athlete or a writer when she grows up.

Brenna is proud, willful, and very capable woman.

Brenna is in the first grade at the Cathedral Christian Academy in Glendale and reading at the third-grade level.

Brenna is thrown out of her cottage she will have no choice but to take up his offer of marriage.

Brenna is a skilled handy woman who designs furniture and buildings.

Brenna is not one you can hate, she is learned, she’s good to her people, she has a child three years old that she adores.

… that made me smile.

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