What February?

Well, it seems that I have not updated at all this month. This is quite disheartening, as I love to document day to day happenings. It’s like a time capsule, buried in the earth of internet. February in a nutshell has, of course, been awfully busy for me. I’ve been flying twice a week, working on my home, getting wedding plans finalized, arranging for the cruise and honeymoon in Germany, and taking dance lessons.

In the flying world, a couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to drop twenty-seven M-117 bombs. They’re fat little guys & quite silly looking, but certainly make an impact. Yes, that’s a pun. My days have each been over twelve hours lately, leaving little time to come home, cook a meal for Larry and I, and unwind. I’m counting the days until my wedding in May and grand vacation in June!

With all these goings on, I haven’t had much time to devote to the house. I finished painting the terrible beige trim and started whitewashing the fireplace hearth. Scores better, I must say!

And lastly, my 1930s glamourous wedding gown is fully underway; I had to decide on the train length. Larry and I are taking waltz lessons in preparation for the reception. Let’s just say – and I confess – that I am much more proficient at East Coast swing than waltzing! It’s almost laughable. Larry has some experience in the waltz department, and has a most handsome and proper stature while dancing.

My beau is leaving again for a month this Wednesday… & by Wednesday I will have flown twice already in the week. Can’t say I don’t stay busy! Pictures to come, and I’ve received new clothing for the cruise and tour of Berlin. They’ll be along shortly…

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