well blow me down!

i’m so angryfrustratedsad that i could spit nails. but, at the same time, i feel disappointed and unenthused. i guess it’ll do that to you.

i hope something fun and exciting happens during this here spring break. i am going to see a play at UCF on friday with my cousin and aunt. that means i’ll be able to see more of the campus before i attend! i’m kind of excited about that. i’m going to UCF! ahh! 😀 the werd’s on tha street.

how could i see so many people i loathe in ONE evening? count it up! one, two, three, four, five! (in the count’s style: “one, loath-ed persons! ha ha ha! twooo loath-ed persons! ha ha ha!”) i just tickle myself to death!

15 thoughts on “well blow me down!

  1. Anonymous says:

    dumb bitch

    and you dont think you are loathed as well? by more than you know…

    your a vain pretentious snob. nothing more. dont question why you dont have friends. and dont blame jill because your lying two-faced boyfriend can fess up to everyone but you about what really happened.

    question why you overcompensate…

    that was a lot of make-up…a lot of dye…a lot of fake.

    • really?

      and i find it completely necessary that this was an anonymous comment? if you have so much to say to me, why not say it then? anyone can hide behind the internet.

        • yes, really.

          and how do you know it’s the truth? because you believe it to be so. it doesn’t necessarily mean it is the truth across the board. opinions, rather, not truths. especially bringing others into it (like yourself) that are nothing, just an anonymous face on a girlie’s online diary. how silly of you. how silly to poke around in both my journals online, especially when it does not involve you at all.

          if you have such a large problem with me, email me (but i’m sure you already knew the address, since you know so much else about me). how ridiculous to be hurling catty comments when you don’t have the courage to make them count. very ridiculous.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i too will remain annonymous, but i’d just like to say you are a fantastic person. may you rock on!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Fuckin sucker

    To the first anonymous typer:

    Nice grammar, Butch.
    Maybe staying in high school would have helped.
    And when did you come out of your drug-induced haze to notice ANYTHING at all?
    Go back where you came from, love… maybe they’ll like you better there.

    There’s more than enough of of the person in question for them to fight their own battles.

  4. immature babies like that are the reason i disabled anonymous posting on my livejournal. i’d rather not have it at all, but if i do, then people might as well be up front.

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