“Watch Me While I Navigate…”

What it is.

The coffee’s brewing and I have just a moment to stand (or lounge on the couch) still and try to recall the past few weeks. My life has been absolutely nuts lately! I guess it would have something to do with the fact that I am in military training to become a United States Air Force Navigator in less than nine months. Put it this way: it’s like learning a four-year technical bachelors degree in less than nine months. The days are seldom less than twelve hours and when you get home, you study some more. I forget to eat dinner most of the time.

My aunt and uncle sent me my grandfather’s old pilot books from the early 1950’s. He actually trained in 1944, but these were “refresher guides” for when he switched to bombers for the Korean war. My navigation class learned the entire contents of the books in the first month and a half of training. His books are a lot more fun, with cute drawings and it’s written with a little less “stick up your butt syndrome”. Our training manuals are all business, all the time.

As sort of an orientation, every now and again an instructor will share his airframe with the class. The other day, a major talked about the B-52 Stratofortress. I am totally smitten with that aircraft. The badass part (besides the entire aircraft) is that there are technically three navigators aboard; we outnumber the pilots and are more integral to missions. This means good opportunities for advancement and experience with command. Plus, the video was set to my favorite song, More Human Than Human. Competition is going to be tough in the class; let’s hope no one else wants to sit in a dark box and live in either North Dakota or Louisiana. Larry’s uber excited about them too: he just wants to blow shit up.

“You’re the bomb.” “No, you’re the bomb-adier.”

Next Friday is the day the Air Force showcases planes for the navigator students to explore. The only planes not scheduled to be in attendance? B-52 and U-28. Foiled again! It’s okay though, I aced my last academic test, which was yesterday. The only big deals in this training are the tests and check rides. Tests I can handle. Not so sure about the other. I have to say I’m pretty proud that I can get any plane to any given point within a minute of a scheduled time. Get it!

In other more interesting non-military news, my sister is coming to visit in two weeks. I gave her the choice to either have her bachelorette party in Orlando, or I’ll fly her out to San Antonio and we can have fun here, one-on-one, sister-to-sister. She liked that idea. it just so happens that about an hour and a half away in Corpus Christi, the Toadies are playing a show in a really cool venue. She loves the Toadies and I figure I can get us a room overlooking the beach. Way better than a regular bachelorette party… Larry says we can borrow the TT. Here comes trouble… with a capital TT.

I have no idea what to give her and her fiance Eric for a wedding present. Checking off a registry can be so impersonal and predictable. Any ideas? Less than a month until the day! No time to paint a painting, so that’s out of the question.

Today I’m going to feel like a lady again and go get a makeover at the Chanel counter. I am going to wear a light pink fluffy skirt I got from J. Crew. You know, wearing a green flight suit & combat boots to work everyday sounds badass in theory… but you feel kind of masculine after a while.

Tomorrow’s plan? Bake in the sun while studying. I like it.

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    Wussup C-section? And what the hell, I would definetly not want cameras or previous children in the room with me while I am giving birth. I might say something I regret. Or kill them.

    Fucking crazies.

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