hearing: ted lewis – glad rag doll | feeling: sleepy

i like when the sprinklers are on at night. all the fat toads come out and look at you walk by.

the room mate has a fat credit card and bought both a game cube and playstation 2 (with a lot of fun games like “fistful of boomstick”). i haven’t a reason to ever leave, to tell you the truth. in fact, i told matthew: “i don’t have a reason to leave and you have a reason to visit.” so, we returned to wal-mart to pick up a few more controllers for the systems. it turned into a mad shopping spree, of course. me and amy searched through halloween items, while her brother shaun put on silly costumes.

we bought a chair, and i directed the path with my legs. sally forth!

management told me to get out of the cart due to “safety reasons”. foiled again!

also, we had a little party for amy’s 17th birthday. it can be summed up by saying there was a bunch of loud, drunken-emo-acoustic-guitar playing in the middle of the complex, right on the basketball court. oh, and accordion playing.

tonight, i saw freddy vs. jason in the theater with jesse. it was marvelous – so exciting and made you want to cheer. the moon was full and the sky was cloudy when we left the theater. spooky!

new photos, didn’t post them here. you can find them, however, here.

you’re all dressed up in your glad rags, but tomorrow they might be sad rags. you poor little glad rag doll.

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