i hope everyone had a lovely christmas, i think i did too 🙂

hm, well christmas is close to over, and i got a couple new toys. i got a webby cam for the site, some new chucks, some books i wanted (the jungle, a clockwork orange), and some money. tomorrow i leave for north carolina until january 4th, so nothing new until then here.

i am working on a new layout – it should be the best ever! so i will get started on my new layout for the new year. it’s so crazy – 2002! i can’t wait to get graduated and all next year, i have hated my high school experience, and something *personal* happened recently and i’m sick of fake-ass girl friends. bundle them together and let them lie among themselves (how poetic!). well, i wish the best of everything for everyone’s new year. i’ll see you the 4th!

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