I suppose I had a day worth writing about.

This morning at seven, I crawled out of bed (cursing the morning, as usual) on about four hours of sleep. Maybe less, being that I ended a phone call at two and tossed and turned until who knows when. I packed up my portfolio for design class and sped off toward Orlando. On the way, I saw a car facing the wrong way on the highway with the driver in a neck cast with blood on his face and the windshield. The medics were attempting to get him on a stretcher. Carnage.

It was rainy today, just like it would be lightly snowing if it were cold enough. This was the kind of rain that just makes you look greasy, your hair matted and your clothing damp. After driving an hour, there was a nice paper notice hung on the classroom door that class had been canceled today. I took off work because I scheduled doctor’s appointments at the campus health center starting at eleven, and wouldn’t be finished with those until much later.

So, it being nine and nothing to do, I spotted one of the friendlier guys from my design class in the art office. He buzzes around me and this girl that I sit with in class. He’s cute, too. He commutes from the Sea World area, so we drive about the same to get to school. What a sad case, these two commuters in the art office.

I walked to the library but all the computers were being used. I visited my aunt briefly in her office and decided to just head over to the clinic to wait someplace dry. They told me my appointment wasn’t at eleven, that it was actually at eleven thirty. Surprise! My physical, when the time came, went fine. I’m perfectly healthy, but I wasn’t really expecting anything out of the ordinary.

As I filled a couple tubes with blood, the friendly Hispanic nurse complemented my hair saying it was “beautiful;” I gave mad props to Stephy Dee of course. I ran into said nurse later in the Women’s clinic office. He managed to get my STI tests from the same tubes as my level counts so I wouldn’t have to give even more blood. Nice! He waved at me once in the hallway and once again in the office. Friendly fellow, that Ivan.

I was later informed that my lady appointment wasn’t at one, it was at one thirty. Surprise again! They had a fabulous selection of magazines to read, ranging from such coveted titles as Golf Digest to Good Housekeeping, circa 1994. Very useful nuggets of information for a college student. My appointments ended around two thirty and I trudged back across campus to the dirty, muddy parking lot in the rain. I called Matt to say hello and tell him how my appointments went, but as predicted, he didn’t seem very interested or concerned. Well, I did forget that his doctor’s appointments are the only important ones. Attempting a friendship with him shares the same symptoms or results as spoiling a child on Christmas: the more you kindness and thoughtfulness you give, the less considerate and responsive they become.

The commute home took an hour and a half; the highway patrol found it necessary to close down an entire lane to clean mud off the street from an accident. Does anyone else get mad at people that have car accidents? I harbor a secret hatred for drivers that have accidents from careless or reckless driving. Get a grip, people.

When I got home, I passed out as my creepy, more-reclusive-than-me neighbor played Guitar Hero II in the next unit over (I could hear everything; the bass was so loud). I slept for four or so hours out of sheer exhaustion, then got out and took myself to see a movie. The film was a private screening (ie, I was the only one in the theater).

… And that’s pretty much all.

Another picture from Monday.

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  1. If it makes you feel any better, I too hate everyone else on the road, and loathe people who are dumb enough to get into wrecks. Missoula is basically a sheet of ice at this point, so driving= suckage.

  2. I just want to hug you.

    I called you yesterday on my birthday, but didn’t leave a message..Sorry if that was creepy or something? I just didn’t feel like it I guess.

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