ugly town

hearing: laundry washing | mood: unentertained

my english group finished our 1950’s fashion video. it consisted of a cigarette commercial in which the advertiser, “margie”, wearing an apron, talks about the wonderful cigarettes. i butt in and tell the audience that they’re “non-habit forming, or addictive”. margie pushes me out of the way and calls me a bitch. charming! we then do a skit in which some people (a farmer looking girl and a drag queen) dine at the restaurant. margie realizes, after they had ordered, that the customers don’t have enough money to pay for the bill. it ends with me walking out with two more aprons. it was filmed in black and white, with all the costumes furnished by my closet, so that makes it ultra-cool. here are dani and katty.

we actually talked about filming another movie – a longer one – with better hair and makeup. a sort of “1950’s murder mystery”. we’ll see what happens.

last night billie stopped by in her pt cruiser. we took it for a spin over the bridge construction. she found a strange picture of her at a show, and realized her current boyfriend is in the picture, before she even knew him, over a year and a half ago. that’s the show we stole the cd’s from and nobody liked green goblyn besides us. odd. but anyways, i showed her my homecoming dress and all. she says she’s not going to hers.

the homecoming dance is saturday, and i’m oddly not that excited.

this morning, as i was driving along to school, i realized that merritt island is much more of a dump than i had ever realized. we have a mediocre mall, a dilapidated subway, and an ancient bowling alley where all the scummies hang out.

it makes me very sad to live here.

today was “hillbilly day” in this week’s spirit week at my school. nevertheless, all the rednecks came out of the woodwork, sporting such charming amiables as “dixie rebel hog” or “boar hunter” on their shirts. i saw two boys wearing hunting overalls. hunting overalls. what is so special about living in merritt island? hunting your wild boars? being able to be “true redneck”? half of those so-called “rednecks” speed through the school parking lot, kc lights, tractor tires, with their bass systems going. since when did rednecks listen to rap? and have money to buy that stuff? bah. rich kids posing as rednecks. you gotta love it. ugh, my school is so gross.

here’s me looking silly in matty’s new cowboy hat. it doesn’t fit.

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