Top secrets.

“Aw, I think it looks really cute!”
“Yeah, me too.”

Ibar tomorrow night with my sister & her posse. BBQ Bar with F-16 Sara on Saturday. No one wants to go with, although I did invite USMMAboy, since he’s back for a month. He says he might come out one night. Eh, whatever man.

I am going to be hired at Macy’s in the shoe department. If anyone needs some sweet kicks, let me know. We all know Macy’s has the cutest shoes in Merritt Island. I think they want to hire me for full-time. That will be awesome because I will actually be able to chip away at my bills.

I got a pair of shoes for $2 at the mall. They are white, pointed toe flats with tiny star cutouts. I also got a pair of jean shorts and they are… lots of fun.

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