yikes! i went to the dentist’s on friday…about my sensitive tooth where i got my filling at about a month ago. the dentist said i would maybe have to get a root canal, if the medications he prescribed me don’t have an effect. well they are making it feel better, but i’m still having pain when i eat or drink anything hot or cold. i don’t want a flippin root canal! just go all medieval on my ass and get the pliers!

i forgot to update on thursday, but i went to the leftover crack show, with the trendys and the green goblyn project. how lovely. jenny and i got smashed together in the pit and i left teeth marks in her left cheek. how lovely again. it might leave a scar.

i went to epcot with french club on saturday. me and matty made our own group, however. we were having more fun just sitting together on a bench than going to see everything. that makes me happy. belgian? i got a sunburned back, but not nearly as bad as last year, thank goodness. the bus ride home was ultra-neato, too.

today i went shopping at jc penny’s…and they had this huge mom-ass sale. i got a new watch, it’s chic and black and white. very nice. and i also got two new shirts. one’s a white sweater shell, and the other’s a short sleeve black one with three mini buttons on the top. ^_^

well, matty says the nekromantix are going to be on hellcat, “…and then everyone will start to like them and it’ll fucking suck cuz all these little cocksuckers will be snappin their shit up left and right, wearing shirts and patches and crap! grrrr!” enough said.

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