I told my boyfriend that if I started every sentence with “My tits” he’d probably pay more attention.

So my tits went to my uncle’s choral performance today. My tits spotted this hottie singing tenor in the front I got excited every time he sang “cum laude”. Perhaps I was just killing two birds with one stone – lustful thoughts in church don’t count, do they? By process of elimination, they cancel each other out. My tits are definitely looking forward to the holiday concert…

& now my tits are presenting a poorly scanned drawing for my art class. The teacher will probably hate it, of course.

My tits want to have a 1990s costume party. I only know a couple people that know anything from the early 1990s so it might not be a hit. I’ll have to just wait a couple years.

13 thoughts on “Today.

  1. Well, bless your heart! Thank you.

    I can fit about 22 or 23 of my 1920’s and 1930’s CDs on two discs. I’m afraid that some of it (hopefully not most of it) is stuff that you already have. Is that going to be a sufficient enough trade? (I don’t want to short you of any musical bliss.) It’s all 128 kbps.

  2. ohhhhhh darling! is there any possible way i could obtain a copy of that CD, too? ๐Ÿ™‚
    my CD-burner has not been working for over a year now, or else i would make you a CD in return…alas. however! i could make you a mixtape or…or SOMETHING!
    i’m salivating over the idea of oh so many pre-1945 songs!

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