i’ve been working like mad lately. i think my chronic tiredness is due to the fact that i work all day, feel compelled to live it up after, and stay up too late. conclusion? lack of sleep. but who saw that one coming?

my mom was in the hospital since monday, and she came home today. that meant my dad and my sister were here, and i had to cook. me? cook? har har.

my aunt brought over some ingrediants, and i had to make something out of it. i made fruit salad, and sliced some tomatoes and cucumber.

i put some meat in pita bread with yogurt and then put the tomatoes and cucumber inside. it was wonderful. i also made greek salad, y’know, the one with that white cheese that makes everything smell like mold.

this is after i dropped the meat on the floor and it splattered everywhere. i love cooking. i want to make chocolate cupcakes with pink sparkle icing. i want to put a candy heart in the middle of each one.

it’s been rainy and dismal all week long.

we had to cancel our swing lesson this week because of the rain and traffic. me and matty hung out in the mall parking lot for an hour, had a puddle stomping fight. a bunch of people were watching us and laughing. every time i got a major splash, they ooo’d and ahh’d. i was wearing my new pretty eyelet skirt, which was dripping when we were done. i think i lost, even though the fight was fair and we were both wearing stompy boots.

“grr! i’ll kill you in any puddle fight, sucka!”

i saw scooby doo with billie and evan. there were way too many pot in that movie. one part, you see the mystery machine with smoke billowing out the top, and you look inside the van, and they’re grilling veggie-burgers. another part, shaggy meets this cute hippie girl, and she says “my name’s mary jane”, and shaggy says “no way! that’s my favorite name!” well, evan was getting a kick out of it anyways.

my parent’s friends from texas are here with their three kids. they drove their beast of a motor home here and slept in it. they love my dog and take him out for me and play with him for me, so i don’t mind at all. i got to ride their son’s go-ped at a beastly 20 mph. some college guys arrived, and i got all silly inside and stopped. they asked if i needed help getting it started. i pulled that motherfucker and rode off.

i’m really not minding driving the van. i’ve taken a step each time i drive it to fix it up. it now has pink fuzzy dice and a stick on spider i stole from the body shop. i love snagging halloween decorations at halloween. everyone must try it. look how cute!

i heard that chrysler is making pt cruisers with a bigger engine, the 2003 models. i am sooo excited, because the only draw back to them is the wimpy four cylinder engine. so they solved that problem, and now it is lovely.

i have cramps and i’ll kill you.

when i got in the condo one night, i broke the door. ha ha, take that, geezers.

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