everyone has been so kind lately. a dozen more hep kits have linked me, and i’ve been scrambling to contact them to link back. thank you all so very much!

i went to my class tonight at the community college. i can only take about an hour of algebra before my mind wanders. since the class is near three hours long, i had some trouble.

this piece of art shows a cat of doom and my professor.

this is a scrawl of an angel that plucked a duck naked to make some feathered wings. hey, angel wings have to come from someplace, yanno.

oh the sorrow! oh the shame! that’s right. i have been victim of a web site layout theft! this sort of theft affects thousands of creative, talented girls and boys every single day! this particular layout that you see is called web junkie insomnia. it is made of sugar, spice, and everything nice… and a week straight of research and coding. i emailed the horrid offender(s), and didn’t even receive an email back. how rude. anyways, the boy left a crapass tag on my board saying he wasn’t aware of his friend’s five finger website discount. but nothing has changed.

everyone’s been helping me sign the guestbook to tell those that visit the site that they don’t have any imagination. i would think that if you like somebody’s web site, you sign the book, or send them a mail or such things. it’s impossible to think, tactfully, that you rip off their hard effort and talents. i’m seventeen and have been making web pages for over five years and have finally earned the money for my own domain. the “maker” of the ripoff site has ripped off another site for her own layout! (in the links section) uh, lame? just like these twenty somethings that thought it would be cool to pretend a site was their own. you just wish you had this! YOW!

speaking of sites, matty’s new webby site is almost finished! he likes it, and i’m glad. i’m not used to making “boy-ish” sites. maybe in a few days you can steal the layout see it and marvel at its many wonders! or just laugh.

i left after fifth period today with stephanie. we hit the fabulous fabric store to pick up some swanky clothing fabric for the show on friday. after perusing rack and racks of fabric, we settled on some black squiggly fabrique that looked not unlike a pirate dress. faboo. after that, we went to eat chinese (all you can eat for $3.95 almost!). i took her home after. it was wonderful.

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