the triumphant return.

i moved in to my new place.. but it’s artless. someone PLEASE send me some art work to hang proudly! my friend stephy already made me a gorgeous painting that’s hanging front & center.

i refinished an excruciatingly mod entertainment center from the 1960’s. pictures soon of course… if i can find my real camera.

there’s this hot guy that comes into blockbuster and he’s totally creepy weird but i can’t get over how downright attractive this man is. he’s friends with my aquaintances… but why must a totally beautiful man be so … icky? i keep telling myself he’s just joking around… and in other work-related news, numerous boys on myspace have messaged me with “aren’t you that chick that works at blockbuster?” speaking of creepy…

i found a wonderful cache of tijuana brass records at a humane society thrift store. alas, i only bought one or two, a billy joel record i didn’t own, spanish bull fight music, strauss waltzes & other assorted trash.

i have hair now? and it’s like, uh, white.

i’m off to watch the three caballeros! hasta la vista!

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