teriffic bore

hearing: glen gray – object of my affection | mood: hmph

creezy – i checked everybody’s journal i have bookmarked. everybody’s! and no one has updated in like, three or four days. c’mon! you have to update to amuse me! i just need something to do.

went to gainesville on friday to look at the university of florida. they’re supposed to have a somewhat decent graphic design program. it was a three hour drive, and my dad’s a crazy driver. seems like he’s in such a big hurry. anyways, the girl that gave our tour was a painting major, and getting her masters in sculpture. yes, she was very very artsy, but that’s what made her cute. she was really skinny and had ratty blonde hair that looked like it’d never seen a trim. but you know what? she was interesting, a bit out there, and was very artistically talented.

as soon as i walked in the building, there were wonderful charcoal drawings on the walls. the first one was done by eight students. the first one reminded me of an h.r. giger painting. the second was just plain interesting the way the artist combined the anatomy.

oh, i wrote a new poem. it goes along with my picture. i’m going to submit them both to omnibus… we’ll see what happens! her name’s gertie and she’s doing the charleston. i’ve got to get started on making my prom dress. sure, it’s months away, but it takes me forever to get anything done.

Red Model A
Dance with me in a flurry,
Heels splintered
A dizzy, fanciful blur
A little too…

Quickly the room is flooded
With delicates and smiles and
Plumage and fox coats and
Velvet seats…

At mohoghany tables there’s
Pomade and flush,
Tuxedos with tails swarm
And offer to…

Swell, with you?
And all while the air is…

Thick swirls of white clouds
Leak out of laughter and loud
As we speak…

Easy and one of these rich days
So careful and polite
You’d slip away
To be a millionaire overnight

so the weekend so far has been far from eventful. i stayed home friday night because i was so ridiculously tired for some reason… and ended up going to sleep at one thirty a.m. go figure. the most exciting thing so far is deciding to grow my eyebrows back in (because i don’t have any. i draw them on i.e. jean harlow). i’ve forgotten what it’s like to wake up in the morning and not look like the mona lisa. or some kind of space alien. or powder. you get the idea. it was fun, maybe i’ll do it again. but i’m going to try something very different. not so thin eyebrows. i can’t remember what the natural shape of them actually is… bah, who cares. i just wrote a whole paragraph about my eyebrow tragedies.

matty’s going to be back tomorrow night late. he said if he could he’ll come by and say hello. he’s been gone almost five days to texas. he said he went to the alamo and saw davy crockett’s gun and lock of hair. how exciting! i mean i want to see some dead guy’s lock of hair, too.

since everyone made plans without me, here i am on my saturday night. i wanted to get some people together, dress up like we had someplace pressing to go, and eat dinner or see a play or movie. i didn’t want to look boring for once. but the people i asked were busy or didn’t have any money. so i stayed home and watched “the time machine” for the fifth time. hey, it’s not like i mind viewing a sci-fi movie, and with guy pearce in it to boot. someone once said he was way too thin and his cheek bones are sunken in. i don’t think he’s too skinny. he’s average. so there.

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