starry video dreams

there’s reasons why i put off doing journal entries.

  1. i haven’t enough to write about.
  2. i have too much to write about.

oh the predicament.

the second day of school was a bit smoother than the first. i wore my ridiculous corset and petticoat and swished through the hallways like a ghost. i sat where i wanted to in my classes and sat next to the people i wanted to sit next to. i ignored the people that i didn’t like.

i got to leave school at 1.15pm again, as a result of dual enrollment. my dual enrollment doesn’t start until the 20th (i think…) so i get to go home, sit on my ass and play video games. or do whatever the hell i want. but just for a little while, until my courses start. twice a week after school, and one time a week at night. i found it amusing that the parking lot attendant at our school doesn’t really care who leaves at the time when ojt or dual enrollment kids leave. why don’t people that want to skip just sit in the trunk of an ojt or dual enrollment student? i suppose that’s too bewildering to even consider.

that night matty called me to see if i wanted to come over and watch amelie with him. but i thought it was cute – he called it “uh-mell-ee”. yeah, like my french is much better. three years and i still don’t know how to ask to use the “salle de bain”. i’m pathetic.

look! i got my new dress from lippy that afternoon, so i had my outfit already decided. it’s crazy and so pretty. so we went out to cocoa beach to bamboo panda and had the best chinese food. but anywhere i eat chinese food i think it’s “the best.” pass the fried rice.

after dinner, we wasted time and then went grocery shopping at winn dixie. his mom needed some things, so we woke up the store with our enthusiasm. or possibly laughing at anything with a suggestive sounding name.

“ha ha, cheese nips.”
“smoked sausage. heh heh.”

bevis and butthead in the flesh.

rasputina is coming to my town wednesday.

when work was done, i started scraping the lettering off of my van. i started with the easy part, the back window, since i could use a razor blade. i left the three stars on it because they were cute. matty came over later to help me with the door side ones. when he got there i was lounging like a princess on my pillows in the back seat. i didn’t want to get up. four hours later, we were done with our project, with only a few major gouges (courtesy of moi). wash, wax, it shines! getting the sticky letter residue will be another task for another day.

i went to target after that and got a cheesy pink tree air freshener that smells like clean laundry, a zebra steering wheel cover, and a hello kitty sun visor. i stopped at home depot to pick up some silicone caulk. my rear mirror of my van is coming off, as well as the back bumper. some lady there said i had a face like a doll. i laughed. then we dined at mcdonald’s. i heard bats as i walked into my condo.

i like calling computers machines. it sounds much more intelligible that calling it a plain old computer.

so i drove down to band practice and hung out with matty for a while. he got a new king size bed and it’s very comfy. i asked why he had so many pillows and blankets. he said he likes to sleep in a “nest”. i think his whole room is a nest, if you know what i mean, but it was so cute and cozy. we then proceeded to practice at jake’s. we worked on “alone”. as soon as we get the songs down, we shall have a show. i’d say a month. how exciting.

look, he’s glowing. how marvelous.

i wore my new dress to school today. one of my teachers asked if i had lost weight. that made me feel self-conscious like mad. during lunch i listened to john say how he didn’t need “complex” clothing (like straps and buckles and accessories) to express himself as a person. i attempted to state my point that things like buckles and silly things make a shirt or dress its own unique wardrobe accent piece. excuse me for having some style. if we all wore t-shirts and jeans, what would people like me do? oh the horror of the thought.

i wrote a new poem. i haven’t written somewhat happy poetry in years.

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