Spring has sprung. Took long enough!

Well, hello! Winter has been swept away by one last snowfall on April thirtieth, making room for sunshine and lots of green grass in every yard here in North Dakota. This morning I swept up old mulch and leaves from the flower beds out in the front of the house to see what perennials spring up. I’ve been cooking some new culinary delights, with a little more time away from work. I, for the life of me, cannot figure out why I am hearing seagulls in my town. This is where I am located, only two thousand miles from any ocean:

… & whilst Larry and I set out a bird feeder for the adorable perching birds here, the blackbirds have taken over like a gang of thugs, bullying the petite birds and hogging down half a feeder of seed in two days. Larry says he’s going to get a pellet rifle and even the odds.

My wedding dress should arrive in the mail today or tomorrow. The photos the seamstress took look beautiful, just on the dress form. I’m very excited to see if it will fit and, well, look nice of course. Things are falling into place; there are just a few more things to do. I have to get the ceremony programs printed, and assemble place cards. It’s tough to try to get 178 people to répondez, s’il vous plaît with the cards enclosed, and some forgot to write a name on it! Being as it may, half of those invited so far have replied with a yes. I wish the economy wasn’t so terrible and people could visit with their friends and family whenever, just like years ago. I suppose geography has something to do with it as well, since people are living farther from their home town more frequently.

I’ve received some lovely wedding gifts, and one came with an amusing card, compliments of a childhood friend and his new wife.

Tonight is an auction to raise money for the Officer’s Spouses’ Club on base. I donated a framed patriotic pin-up, 16″x20″. I hope it racks up some cash; it turned out pretty cute. I used a Vargas painting for inspiration with the secret intention of garnering more art business from this.

The rest of the photos are just snapshots from work this week. The first photo is Devin and I posing in front of an old 1960’s bus that bears our bomber squadron name with a few pin up girls painted on the sides. It’s humorously dilapidated, and a busload of flight officers had to push it down the road to get it started. In the next photo, I flew with my room mate from Louisiana, Amie, and what a difference having two ladies in the offensive compartment makes! Things are methodical, multitasked, and so much easier to deal with. We flew very well together, and we hope scheduling will put us on the docket for more flights soon… and that we didn’t drive the crew crazy chattering about the royal wedding and Kate Winslet’s controversial cosmetics advertisement.

Twenty-two days until the big day!

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