Sports Night at the O’Club

PEDDLING MY WARES. — Ladies and gentlemen, I have listed quite a few summer items on Ebay! Please take a look if you’re in the market. Most of it is brand new and awesome. Especially the Diane von Furstenberg bikini I have up there. It was a bitch to find, and didn’t fit anyway. So, selling it for half-price on the ol’ Ebay. I remember the first item I bought on Ebay:

I was 14.
The ice cream truck is driving by. I find it a little irritating. Being that most kids are in bed by 2130, it all seems so fruitless. Just like their product.

SPORTING. — Last weekend, I attended a farewell dinner for our Operations Group Commander. He’s a Colonel, and not very well-liked by most. However, doing the right thing as a decent person and an Air Force officer, Larry, Devin and I attended. I tried to explain to those who declined the idea of duty, not necessarily doing things you want to do all the time. It just goes with the job to go to these things. I have mad respect for low ranking Lt’s like myself that suck it up and just.. “Ok, I’ll go I’ll go I’ll go…”

Anyway, the theme was Sports Night to keep it “Crew Dog Friendly”; serving hot dogs and hamburgers. I had chicken. It was basically a roast of the out-going commander by one of my bosses (I work two feet from his office door), which was hilarious. He did a really great job and I’m happy I could support him by laughing at the jokes that were funny; both of them. Burn (no, but seriously, it was funny). Most people sported team jerseys and t-shirts emblazed with their favorite football giant. I dug out Dressage attire, and Larry and Devin posed as vintage golf buddies. Bringing the stodgey-ness to Minot Air Force Base!

Gotta costume it up to the hilt! Man, I miss Cons. I keep seeing all the hype for San Diego ComicCon and I turn pea-green with envy…

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