so so day

i got caught in the elevator with another one of my flying cockroach friends. they really should do something about the extras around here. this is the second time this month! the stars are in alignment and the horoscopes are telling me alfred e. newman is my future lover. things are odd today.

well the day started okay. i had nothing to wear, as usual. i decided that tomorrow is fabric store day. i’m gonna go buy some dress patterns and fabric and make my own fucking clothes because i hate everything in the stores. i’ll just pick up some easy sews. they’re cheap and you can make 2 dresses in 3 hours. i will just steal my grammas searger.

today we got our yearbooks – and the whole situation is ass. they have scheduled times before school when you are supposed to pick up yours. after school they don’t care what grades pick them up. so after school, my teacher lets us out about 8 minutes early to walk outside the door and 20 feet to get it. when we open the door, there’s a huge line snaking around the walls of the wing. ugh. so i go get in line and wait, and matty joined me seconds later. the yearbooks are all brown and have a fake brown cord wrapped around them and say “tie it all 2-gether” on the front. hmm, i dun wanna know. for the third year in a row, i am not in any of the pictures besides my school picture. i’m gonna bust some grilles, g. i guess i’m not exactly what we’d call a magnet for cameras. sam turner got a huge color picture of her in there, and it says “sam turner has a unique style” or something equally as asstacular. c’mon. if they’re gonna feature one students “unique style” at least work a little harder than just ONE person. yanno, she’s the only unique stylin at our school. ugh. can i complain some more? (ha! what an awful question). i snagged matt’s yearbook and signed it and drew this sexy teacher with a black pencil skirt and knee high fishnets and a white blouse and she’s holding an apple. tasty.

yes so tomorrow i was hoping to go get my dress patterns after my stupid dean’s detention (what a load). but stephanie had asked matt to the movies to see star wars (opening day…ugh!), so there goes my plans. jesus christ, he sees more movies with everyone else on the planet than with me. the last one we saw together was “the time machine” with billie and evan. but that was ass because it was my third time seeing it. so technically, it doesn’t count. and the one before that was “ocean’s eleven”, and we only saw half of it. and before that? harry potter, i think. we don’t get out often. especially when most of the non-plans get botched anyhow. but that’s my life. okay, so i’m just way jealous.

the lovely lady over at novim got my email finally and wrote me back. i like getting mail. send me some. since she’s always making other people cards and things for their birthdays, i thought i would draw her a picture. i drew a little cartoon caricature of her and sent it. i should like to think i am nice sometimes.

kim pickover loves my store and you should, too. she bought $20 worth of stuff and i threw in a couple of freebees.

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