so entirely busy

hearing: the reverend – what’s reminding me of you | feeling: overwhelmed

i’ve been so busy lately — school, friends, and of course, getting out of my lease here at jefferson commons. i wouldn’t say i’m too successful in the friends league; i still don’t know many people here in orlando. it would be wonderful to have someone call me and ask to hang out. maybe someday…

yesterday, amy, matty and i went to the magic kingdom and epcot. we weren’t that impressed with the magic kingdom; i guess as you get older you start to like epcot more. we ate a feast at morocco (complete with a bellydancer!). it was super expensive, but we got by. i need to think of something cute to do for matty because he footed quite a tab. i wore those cheesy mickey mouse ears all day.

as far as school goes, i’ve just finished a neat MIDI lab – you should listen to it. took me about three hours to make that. later, i registered online for classes. that was only after i set out around rush hour to go grocery shopping (yeah, and i got really far without a wallet. no food tonight!). then i worked 5 1/2 hours on an art project, no breaks. it was okay, i had the rocky horror soundtrack on repeat, and i sang along while i worked. no, matty, you just can’t get enough of that cheesy saxophone in the background.

my house is in disarray. i’m going to be moving soon, but that’s not the excuse… yet. i also bought new red shoes. they’re patent. i am exhausted and haven’t eaten today. so here, i am tossing you some random photos. have pity.

i’ve had 3 people tell me they look like dorothy’s ruby red slippers.

glamourous bathroom photo

and… the messy room.

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