so close!

hearing: billie holiday – i cried for you | mood: excited?

oh my! christmas is right around the corner… seriously. what is everyone asking for this year? i haven’t watched the telly much. all i know is “lilo and stitch” is out on dvd. and that would make one awesome stocking stuffer.

i’ve been living at the movie theatre lately. i saw “two weeks notice” and “lotr: the two towers” in two days (two?). oh, “two weeks notice” was so cute. kind of predictable, as most “romantic comedies” are, but it left a good feeling with you. cute in a quirky way.

“the two towers”, well. let’s just say the accusations of me having slight a.d.d. are… kind of true. i couldn’t sit still and watch any movie that long. it could have been an hour shorter, and it would have made it more intriguing and i would’ve payed more attention. well, that and matty cut his hair and i didn’t find out about it until the movie started. he shaved all the back and left his bangs. immaculate.

i was invited to a 1920’s ball at amy’s house yesterday. it sounded like a good idea, but i’m afraid i didn’t have anything to wear that i actually like. that, and i figured there wouldn’t actually be any old music playing. i analyze everything way too much. oh, i was going to get my hair cut a la clara bow a month ago. but i took a look in bazaar magazine, and that’s the “hottest trend”. bobbed hair and curls. i just got a hair trim instead. everything is becoming so mainstream. why can’t people just think for themselves and invent new fashion instead of stealing ideas?

today, my parents’ friends from way back.. college.. are coming to visit us from texas today. they have three children; two girls my age and a preteen boy. we get along quite well, it’s a shame i only get to see them once or twice a year. my father’s always very relaxed when they are here as well, so that’s a good thing because he won’t be ordering me around or anything whilst they are here. i wonder what festivities the day will bring?

“oh, he can kick it for my money.”

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