smile, darn ya, smile.

i raped the library once again and this is what i came out with:

♦ the broadway melody (1929)
♦ the gay divorcee
♦ the best of betty boop (1932)
♦ merry melodies (1931)
♦ documentary on louise brooks

i ♥ how everything in the old cartoons dances, everything is always just MOVING to the music. and i also love how everything involves BEER. and in this one, a character that looks an awful like mickey mouse has a tail!

i am going to put in a request to my aunt (the head librarian at the UCF library here) for the broadway melody of 1936.

i have to make a mask for my art design class. so far i have a bondage hood lookin’ thing with russian gas mask eyes (the creepy round ones), zippers up the neck… and an art deco style headpiece on top, with feathers and a turban.

Poseur1039: i’m halfass working on some english homework. i parted my hair on the side today that’s all i have to say really.
amyxaimless: that should be an lj post. to go along with all the other braindead pointless posts on my friends’ list today.

amyxaimless: my mom is buying me the tiffany bracelet for easter… but she didn’t want to deal w/ the snail mail, so she just put money in my acct and said “go get it”
Poseur1039: haha awesome i want to go? but i have to make a mold of my face and paint the living room.

because i am completely normal.

i saw hellboy. again. x3 now. in a week. haha, i love it.

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