hmm well i’ve had a great past few days. i got accepted into two more cam portals and it makes me feel gooood! lol* okay well today is my dad’s birthday; and i stole some of his ice cream cake. on the box it was like “for your bat mitzvah! for your first communion! for your bar mitzvah!” and i’m like “dad, how come i never had a bat mitzvah?” and he’s like “because you’re not jewish.” and i’m like “well how come i didn’t have a bar mitzvah?” and he’s like “cuz you’re not a jewish boy!” and i’m like “and what have you to say for yourself about a first communion?” and at this point i think he wanted to throw the stupid cake away. ha ha.

there is nothing like dreaming next to the one person you love most and more than anything in your life.

today i worked 11-3 and made about 30 bucks. business was steady for about two hours, then got boring. really boring. so i stole the car and went home. woo woo. i want to do something with billie tonight. maybe we can hang out or go to the movies.

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