Show Me Yer Vinyl.

It’s time for a records update.

My uncle gave me all of his Beatles records & a few more:

(L-R) Rubber Soul, Their Satanic Majesties Request (Rolling Stones), Sgt. Pepper’s, BRA Hard Day’s Night (UK), With the Beatles (Spain), Magical Mystery Tour, Hey Jude,
Please Please Me, Revolver.

I now have doubles of a few Beatles albums. I’m such a brat. … & now my recently acquired Enoch Light albums, including Spaced Out. Be jealous, Kris.

Sunday I went to a picnic and then the beach with YPB. The picnic was one of his friends’ Easter family get togethers, and his family was like “Hi there! SO glad you are here! Come back anytime. Take care of this one (YPB), now!” and giving me hugs like I was part of the family or was going to be. Maybe YPB never has girlfriends… Awkward….

At the beach, we settled on a blanket and laid back to look at the stars and clouds together. He didn’t make any moves on me, still. I always thought it was pretty sexy to be laying next to someone, shoulder to shoulder on a beach blanket in the dark. Maybe I’m wrong? When we went to the car from the beach some cops gave us the shakedown because, “There was a car alarm going off and [we] were wearing black.” We looked mega-threatening with our silly beach blanket and our beer, lemme tell ya. I annoyingly asked, “Wanna see our IDs or what.” They hassled YPB about his “expired tag” (which actually expired in two days) & his hunting knife he kept in his car (Cop: “Yeah, a knife if you need to shank someone.”) Anyway, it was mega-annoying and they finally went on their way to actually investigate the alarm going off next door. I hate cops.

Matt has been texting me a lot and wanting to hang out more because I was too busy to hang out with him more than just Friday night this weekend. Last night we did it and I didn’t even want to finish doing it. I think I am still excited about the hella hott merchant marine. I talked to my mom about mister marine & what happened and she tried to hold back from not bursting from excitement. Anyway, Matt spent the night last night and it was more like cuddling with a friend than anything else. Spending more time with him has helped me move on, and I think the same goes for him. I think…

Friday I have my hair appointment. What color brown? Light or dark? Not many choices…

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