Shoplifters & Hotties.

So a lot of people I know have been coming into work for summer stuff… or maybe just to chat. That makes the long, monotonous day go by a lot quicker. Thank you, Billie and Steve! You are the best.

Story! The other night, these two crazy black ladies, who were totally ghetto’d out with gold teeth and weaves, came into Macy’s. They loaded up on full-price Baby Phat and Mark Ecko and $110 Guess shoes and brought them to my register. They wrote these checks that were totally fake, and when they were declined, they started yelling at me and acting nuts. One of their checks went through, but the one I was working with got declined. Some other shoppers who actually wanted to buy something left and went to another department. So these two morons ate up an hour of my time (and commission) to yell about how they had “thousands of dollars in their accounts”. Yeah, whatever.

… & yesterday, this cracked out woman got shoes from me, then carried them into another department. An hour later, I see her big flat duck feet tromping around IN them! Well, they nabbed her azz for shoplifting. Moron.

In better news, I had a steamy dream about the hot eastern European waiter that I had at Carrabba’s last night, and Kris. Life really is better in my dreams right now.

5 thoughts on “Shoplifters & Hotties.

  1. aWWW

    When you said web cam shots i got all excited imaginin all those crazy things you might have done but yeah you just did the cute pictures lol I bet school being back is getting you down it is me kinda but I got a bike so now i might visit every now and then woot woot. I saw your lover in wal-mart the other mornin @ 1am but I think he didnt see me this island is sooo small. But yeah you gotta hang with me sometime I got free meal plan if you want to grab a snack toodles. see you in the mornin

    • Re: aWWW

      daha no way, no pictures of me shoving scissors up my ass or anything – sorry to disappoint! j/k..

      a bike? i was thinking motorcycle! well we should do lunch on campus sometime or catch a movie! that would be fun fun fun!

      i was in walmart too! we just run into eachother everywhere! i’d rather run into you than most other people, that’s for sure! <3

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