well the show was friday! we played first, and everyone told us that we did very well. we didn’t mess up but about three times, and i doubt it was noticeable. the vocals were too low (what else is new) but i think we did great for a first show. caleigh’s mom took pics, and so did jackie, so i’ll post a few when i see them.

after us, amps to 11 played. that was beau trendy’s new band. shayna was at the show as well, and she was a great sport about everything, and supported us all the way. now savannah, well savannah was piss jealous. she was screamin stuff at us the whole time, but it made me play and sing all the better. “write your own music!” was one of em. stephanie asked germ about using his one song, and he said “yeah, go for it, i really like the way it came out!” blah! in your “look at me i’m hardcore carrying around my beer all night” face, missy!

i met my online friend, melbourne stephanie, at the show! she showed up early and is so nice and cool and pretty! just look!

isn’t she? huh huh?

after amps to 11, robby’s band the obscene played. they sound better and better every time they have a show.. and are always adding new stuff. so wonderful! passive resistance played, and then the show was over. i went to taco bell with matty.

last night i planned for some nice time with him. but he went to film club and promised me he’d come over after (which he didn’t). he ended up going to some lame party at this sophomore richie’s house that got busted. hmm, hang out with freshman? hang out with me? oh he’s so lame.

…and that’s why i am a moron and went to dinner with him tonight. we went to go see fear dot com. it was the most disturbing movie, ever. it was up there along side strangeland. this movie was similar, but with no stereotyped goths.

since we only stayed for less than an hour, i didn’t catch the whole plot. but what stood out was this guy has this website, feardotcom. he lures women into dark alleys and theatres and films him terrorizing, torturing, and killing them. a wonderful, wholesome topic for any movie! so he posts this on this horrible site, and anyone who watches the things on this site bleeds from their eyes and noses, and then are the next victims to be displayed on the site. and to think producers, directors, and sponsors said “oh! what a great movie idea! victimizing men and women and showing all the details! we have a winner!”

our culture is such a bucket of shite today. i’ll rant on that later, believe me. yeah, so we left less than an hour into it because i got so upset by it that i started crying, and then we got our money back. it was so horrible to me that i was shaking. i couldn’t believe this film made it to theaters. i just couldn’t believe it.

anyways, tomorrow i don’t have school. or college. oh, it will be a joyous day, and i am gonna sleep in as long as i wanna!

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