Sew, so.

UNPLUGGED. — I am wondering when so-called hipsters will shun cell phones, or at least smart phones. I am the queen of hipsters! I do not use cell phones or text messaging; I am so 1995 it hurts! Take that, you faux hipsters! Read and weep!

WAR STORIES. — Today a Vietnam Veteran came to speak to our squadron. He drove F-4’s, and was the only Lieutenant Aircraft Commander. While on a bombing run (750 lb. bombs to be exact), he and his backseater ejected from the aircraft approximately two seconds before ground impact. They both survived, and spent six years as Prisoners of War at multiple camps across Vietnam. He endured those years and returned with honor to share his stories with us.

Additionally, he mentioned just how important it is to learn from war veterans; to ensure these stories are not forgotten. It made me think of the tome I read, The Seven Pillars of Wisdom, the autobiography by T.E. Lawrence (aka the Lawrence of Arabia). I have a 1933 (second) edition. I would give anything for the 1922 first edition. They are extremely rare and only a few copies were produced, before reworking (and heavily editing) the latter. It was further edited after the 1933 edition.

HERO. — Anyway, I think about that story almost daily. The amazing bravery, wisdom, and character he had, and all the impossible goals and outcomes set for him to achieve. When I watch the news and see what a sty Damascus, Jeddah, Medina, Aqaba, and Petra have become after everything Lawrence did to help free them from Turkish rule and all while treating their culture with the utmost respect… It seems like such a waste.

It is a waste. It frustrates me that more people don’t know about the extensive inner workings that the British crafted to create the Arab Revolt during World War I. People today barely know about European World War I history. In contrast, the Brits do teach about T.E. Lawrence in their history classes; in America, we do not. I could go on and on about this, but I wish I could talk about this topic with someone else who loves and respects this man as much as I do.

“Wisdom hath builded her house, she hath hewn out her seven pillars…”

In other news, here’s a photo of me & Larry at the International Military Ball.
HEARTBREAK. — I heard some extremely disappointing and disheartening news today, something very oddly out of the ordinary. Sometimes one has to consider what may affect innocent people outside their tiny sphere. Dragging others through the mud after they have done nothing is heartbreaking. It really makes me melancholy thinking about it.

JUMPING LINUX PENGUINS. — I signed up for a summer class, a programming refresher. Just your usual fare. When you are out of coding and all that schlock for as long as I have been… well, my brain booted the programming and filled it with bombs, B-52H systems knowledge, and aviation nerd noise. Honestly, I believe more brain bytes were lost than replaced. That’s life.

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