septum piercing

hearing: tcm movie | feeling: accomplished

the search for piercers in my area was unsuccessful last night. there was some big convention and all of them were there. so i had to wait an extra day until i could get my septum done. and on top of that, i had an appointment at five. but after waiting around for three hours for the boyfriend, i went by myself. i figured if i waited anymore, i’d be so nervous i’d lose it… all over the rug.

i went to this place called ‘altered images’ here in cocoa. travis from tggp works there as a tattoo artist. the person piercing was this dame named jessica. she was really nice and understanding; she made me feel more comfortable. i asked about that “i heard septum piercing can paralyze half your face.” she said that wasn’t true. i was much more relaxed after hearing that! so i fill out the legal forms and all, and we went into the room. i took a seat in the chair i swear looked like it had leather straps previously.

i leaned back, tried not to think about anything. she said to close my eyes, and i didn’t have a problem doing that! and i waited for what seemed like forever, then BAM BAM… the most horrific pain i’ve ever felt. i thought okay, this i can handle.. i think. then it got worse and worse. i felt a sickening pain in my stomach and felt nauseous. i knew if i would have opened my eyes there would have been consequences — messy consequences. ouch. so then it was over; i had no idea how long it took. jessica took a photo for her book. and here is what it looks like!

yes, a clark gable marathon on tcm this morning. i watched the most wonderful movie called saratoga. it was jean harlow’s last film, in fact, she died during its production. terriffic movie with that clark gable. he is truly the epitome of a gentleman, even if he plays cads. “the horse with the dreamy eyes!”

i’ve been seeing quite a few movies lately! i saw t3: rise of the machines last night (sneak preview) and legally blonde 2 tonight. coming out of the theater, i saw an old friend. i was getting some serious positive vibes from him. no one had ever really looked at me like that before — so happy to see me, and interested in what i was saying, but sad at the same time. i didn’t know what to think, either. extremely odd occurance.

“men like to see women cry. it makes them feel superior.”

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