September Flying

This month has really flown by. With that being said, I haven’t had much time to collect my thoughts and post here. The big news is that the home inspection is Tuesday. Let’s hope there are minimal problems with the house so I won’t be homeless when I move up North. The only red flags for me are water damage and foundation issues. This home might have foundation issues. Hey, with a home that’s one hundred years old, it’s bound to have some baggage!

Secondly, I have less than six weeks before I am finished with the training unit here at Barksdale Air Force Base. That means a check ride is in my near future. I will have to employ gravity bombs and JASSM weapons on this particular check ride profile. I think I’ll be fine.

Third, I was promoted to first lieutenant last Friday. I traded in my butter bars for silver. That being said, I do appreciate the pay raise, especially with the expenses of buying and owning a home. Not a bargain. Me and a few friends from work went out for dinner and drinks to celebrate.

Lastly, Larry and I celebrated our two year anniversary last week. He sent me a beautiful arrangement of roses accompanied with chocolates, a black hat from Banana Republic, and an art deco-inspired costume ring. I feel bad; I only sent a card!

In other news, my mother informed me I could have her 1920s bedroom set. She’s getting rid of some furniture and I’m the lucky receiver. The set is three pieces: a bed frame, vanity with custom cut glass tops (to protect the wood), and a bureau with drawers. It’s really quite beautiful. Upon hearing this news, I sold my IKEA bed on Craig’s List in literally one day. Out with the old, in with the antique! I can’t wait to get back into fixing up a house. It’s amazing what even small things like painting a wall – or laying down a hardwood floor – can do to give you a real sense of accomplishment. I guess you could say I’m an accomplishment junkie.

So I can’t believe it’s almost October! This Friday, the base is throwing an Oktoberfest party at the Officer’s Club. Good thing my dirndl went to the cleaners and is ready to go! But to get to Friday, I have a flight to get through. Should be a good time! I’m just counting the days until the move!

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