tomorrow school starts. a thursday. school starts on a thursday this year. what a load.

yesterday i had my senior pictures. i woke up and got all fussy and waited for matty to pick me up. i called at 10am to see where he was, and i had to wake him up! ha ha, i was like “eh?” so we head out to melbourne with directions from mapquest. we were doing good until it said to turn right when we were supposed to turn left. we were late, but the portrait studio wasn’t crowded or anything. i told the photographer that i am very picky about my hair, being that it’s been abused so bad by being dyed red and sticking out funny in the last set of photos. so she took her time and fixed it between every picture. i felt royal. so the pictures came out, well, like pictures do. good enough for the yearbook at least.

after that atrocity, we went to go eat lunch at this italian cafe restaurant. we then hit the mall where i purchased a somewhat vintage looking prairie skirt. it’s long and white and covers my feet with little lacy stitching. lovely.

we then saw the new austin powers movie. it was my third time seeing it, but i don’t mind. i like going to the movies. after the movie, we stopped by sally’s beauty supply and got some black hair dye for me. so we dyed my hair but ran out of dye. so the back of my head has somewhat of a reddish glow. odd.

today i got up and lounged around a bit because i had nothing better to do. my mom said i had to work today. i was not informed of this, so i protested some, then gave in. i would get paid, after all. while we’re on the subject – look, my new camp corset fits.

yeah, right. after work i went to the community college to get my dual enrollment course books, my parking decal, and a library card. that took about an hour, being that it was raining, the parking lot was being repaved… right. my parking tag is number 88666. ominous.

at stephanie’s we celebrated our womanly bodies.

is it just me or do we look like we belong in the rocky horror picture show? we’re marvelous and glamourous. we dressed up in silly clothing that i furnished and took pictures. every girl needs a day to look ridiculous in frilly skirts and fur coats. we are the cutest cheesecake girlies ever. step aside, bettie.

tomorrow. the cattle scenes of the hallways of my overcrowded high school. the gawkeyed freshman asking you where classes are. having to see people you thought you wouldn’t have to see for years. getting fingers caught in slamming locker doors. i bet it’ll rain on me when i try to climb to my portable. oh hell, can’t you tell i love high school? me and kim are looking forward to decade day for spirit week. will i go 10’s or 40’s? bah, it’s months away. i have to work on my halloween costume anyways!

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