senior silliness

hearing: lords of acid – voodoo u | mood: relieved

i have more things for sale. go look and bid; help me pay for an apartment this summer.

i got my senior fo-tohs taken; a lot of the retro theme stuff in them. i took some with my car, with a red chair, and with my horrible little dog. i wore my polka dot dress, my leopard pencil skirt, and my pinstripe straps dress. monday i get to see the proofs. has received 25,385 unique visitors in one year. thank you everyone!

my older sister that is in the army reserves is being sent to uzbekistan monday. she’ll be gone for six to nine months. that’s crazy stuff. uzbekistan isn’t on bad terms with the US, but it’s still a desert country. she’ll be studying scorpions and cobras there.

i never posted these pictures before, even though they was in the “to be posted” folder.

tonight i have to turn in my dream journal to my world religions teacher. he takes it for study, and never gives them back. i think mine will severely disturb him.

i’m on a balanced diet to lose some excess chub before prom (a month and a half away). i’m doing crunches and eating right; so hopefully my dress will look just gahhhjus. my waist cincher can get me down to a 26″, very uncomfortably though. we’ll have to see what happens.

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