hearing: powerpuff girls song | mood: excited
how do people have find my site through these search words? here are a few examples:

Dolores O’Riordan nude
bettie page porn
WIERD rituals
brody armstrong naked
billie joe penis
real bitch fights
busty teenage girls
boots and bondage

so it’s very evident all of you have a serious crush on the cranberries and brody armstrong. but isn’t that why you’re here, after all? strange.

my mom’s birthday is today. i said “happy birthday” to her this morning and she said “yeah, right.” hm, my mom is the best. she was yelling to my dad about something to do with going out to eat. she just went to that swanky restaurant monday, and my dad told her he couldn’t afford to take her out again. i guess that’s what she was so angry about. that’s pretty childish. we’re going to carabba’s because she likes the martinis there.

yes! so, halloween anyone? i threw together a costume using cheap sales accessories from claire’s. a tiara and wand anyway.

so happy halloween to all! enjoy yourselves, and get into lots and lots of trouble! get lots of candy and t.p. some houses. scare the neighbors and be politically incorrect. mr. price wishes you well!

“check out my movies, because one day you’ll be dead like me.”

i’m asking for a new sewing machine for christmas. oh, and tomorrow is me and matty’s two year anniversary. smooches to all!

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