Screamfest 2006.

I went to Screamfest yesterday with my co-worker Nicole Matty. See the brutal carnage under the cut!

Swanky outifts. I wore 7″ heels a wig, of course, because my hair is hella boring. No problem walking because I am awesome like that.

First things first, I met Patricia Quinn! We had matching purses (aka exquisite taste). I got an autographed 8×10.

I also met James Duval. He was John the Mod in SLC Punk! (CAHN-DEH!!!!), as well as in Independence Day & Donnie Darko. He was ridiculously nice.

Sweet. But we see these guys at Megacon every year, so whatev! πŸ™‚ Still great costumes, though. Check out the white contacts!

Excellent Rocky (jailbait). There was a midnight showing of RHPS hosted by Patricia Quinn. I would NOT want to have to play Madge while she was watching! Yikes!

Me with the Lost Boys: Billy Wirth (also in an episode of Sex the City) and Chance Michael Corbitt. They were really flirty. Hm. I still didn’t buy an autograph.

I also got a picture with the Candyman. It’s in Nicole’s camera though…

Haha, scary!

In celebration of me & Matty’s anniversary this month, we had our portrait done by Dave Cook (he’s a Carter’s Baby clothing designer by day…):

9 thoughts on “Screamfest 2006.

  1. hey I just bid on a bunch of your CDs as they are well swank and I’d love to own them. Also added you to my friends list because you are pretty ace. πŸ™‚ Any how. Hope I win those bids. πŸ™‚

  2. You luck ass motherfucker!
    I was just watching Screamfest 2006 today [yeah-yeah-yeah. I know I’m lame. I just haven’t had time to watch it….and then my DVR thing didn’t record the entire show :(. It made me one sad person].

  3. I’ll have to show you the portrait of Mac and I… But, it was from Sakuracon, so we’re Chibi. Not awesomely dead.
    Speaking of awesome… I can’t believe you can rock the 7-inch heels. Jeebus. I need to get on down there for the cons!

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