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So when I’m not looking like an extra off the set of the new Captain America movie, I tend to lean towards 1960s fashions. Looking for an updo for my wedding has been excruciating. Here’s the dilemma: I love huge 60’s hair. Move over, Amy Winehouse, it’s been done… & I love it. My dress is a very slinky 1930’s number with makeup to match. Every hairstyle idea I am drawn to features tousled beach babe hair with a beehive on top. This is difficult! Ideas? Anyone? Oh, I also was featured on Bella Figura’s blog for my wedding invitations I designed. They’re a high-quality business and I would recommend them to anyone who needs any kind of stationary or invitations designed and printed.

All this crazy spy stuff makes me want to watch the film Salt again. That movie was a lot of fun! Being that I am very much an Anglina Jolie fan, each action film she stars in gets better and better. I really think she should continue action flicks – no one else has the passion, talent and sheer life experience to bring the characters off the big screen like she can. It’s a little difficult to explain. I just think the woman is fabulous in every way, inside and out.

Speaking of movies, I saw “Paul” last night. I was feeling a little bummed lately because it’s March. March is when Megacon is held in Orlando, FL, my old hometown. Megacon is a nerdy science fiction and comic book convention, of which I was an attendee for many years. It was a smaller convention at first, and has grown into quite a beast, or so I hear. This year’s main guests were William Shatner and Stan Lee. It would have been so exciting to go! So the movie I saw started and ended at San Diego Comic Con and hey, if I couldn’t make it to a con this year, at least I could watch a film about being at one!

Last week I also watched “Stage Door” (1937), “Dames” (1934) and “The Barkleys of Broadway” (1949). “Dames” was, by far, the best of the three. “Stage Door” was second, and “Barkleys” was a god-awful pile. I wanted to slap Ginger for being such a dirty bitch the entire film. I just can’t get into late 1940’s movies… or really any 1940’s movies, for that matter. I love trashy early 1930’s musicals and screwball comedies of the same years. They’re much racier, funny, entertaining, and much more believable!

I found the most fantastic bathing suit I have ever seen for the cruise. It is so amazing, in fact, that it is sold out across the internet in virtually all sizes. Luckily, I locked down my set from the United Kingdom and it is on its way to me. Nothing says honeymoon cruise like a sophisticated swimsuit, snappy sandals, a straw hat, and a smart set of sunglasses. Oh, what alliteration!

I am selling a few things on Ebay and will be listing a few more items. Take a look if you’d like!

Lastly, I was busy with a couple cooking projects today. I love to cook, and made my favorite lunchtime componant: tabbouleh. I used to order a wrap with turkey, tabbouleh and cream cheese almost daily at a fantastic Jewish deli in Orlando, back in college. So, I make it now! I also make sugar cookies. Can’t forget sugar cookies. Having said that, I’ve also been hitting the gym so I can wear my Trashy Diva dresses. They’ve well, been a little tight. I ordered them a little on the small side because I’m between sizes. Suck it in!

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