I’ve been very busy, memorizing over sixty threat systems (SAMS, AAA, fighter jets, etc.) and all their stats, and the signals by audio recognition.

1) Open a phone book.
2) Start memorizing phone numbers.
3) Yeah, it’s like that.

The kicker is that I can only study at work because it’s classified and has to be handled a certain way (sweet!). So each day after class, I stay until Larry’s done with work at four. Four hours a day isn’t enough, still, so I’ve been going in extra on the weekends. The instructors say navigator school say it’s like finals week… every DAY. Test on Wednesday.

Last Sunday I had a riding lesson. The trainer said most adults need anywhere from three to ten lessons before they are ready to join a group session. This means you have to trot for five minutes. I can do it for about thirty seconds after the hour. Not bad, actually, for a first lesson. Larry has had riding lessons before, so he’s already awesome. We can ride together after two more lessons, in a group setting. I guess we learn fast for adults. I told the instructor riding a horse is not easier than flying an airplane.

We’ll probably start lessons 2x a week after we get the basics, and class isn’t so hectic. Then I can get a sweet equestrian outfit.

Additionally, been working out a little more lately. So that’s good.

Netflix sent me Fanboys. Wonder if it’s as funny as I hope it is.

Look! Me at work. Second from the right. I look like a dude.

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