running down

hearing: rasputina – rusty the skatemaker | mood: worn out

i was thinking out loud in my car one day… and laughed out loud in a sputter of irony. i wondered if a single soul was thinking about me at that very moment… which was definitely a ridiculous idea, being that i haven’t received a phone call in over a year. i think it’s pretty silly that i can’t hold on to a friend for over a year, in fact – and especially because, either i’m too vain to realize it might be me that has a problem, or i scare people away through latching on and begging for someone, anyone, to connect with me on a friendly level. i think it’s just most, the average high school person is kind of yucky to me. or i meet someone so confident and unique, that they (godforbid) outshine me and make me feel inadequate.

for instance, i can’t stand some people and their horrible little scandal-filled relationships. girls talking about their friends, boys cheating on their girlfriends. why can’t we bundle them up and ship them all to an island to be all scandalous there?

oo, speaking of scandal, what is the deal with that joe millionaire show? it’s just like the bachelor – i would think the american public would be tired of “reality” marriage shows. when will they stop with the damned reality shows, anyhow? the other day i watched “extreme makeover”, a show where a lady gets plastic surgery on her entire face, stomach, and tits, whilst a man undergoes liposuction and a nose job. lame! i say if you agree to be on a reality show, you deserve getting lied to about your “fiancee’s” bogus fortune.

so i’ve been pondering that poem and essay thing. i’m kind of upset that my flapper-ish poem did not get in the choosen ones to be published in the literary magazine. i even had an illustration ready for it… i was sure it was creative enough to be picked… and it was by far the best poem i submitted, and the group picked the so-so one, hypocrisy. i mean, i really actually tried to make more than just mind belches in red model a. and it’s neat because the sentences run together and and and…

last night i had my world religions class with billie. the teacher talks a little bit out his ass, but seems interesting enough. billie said “if he’d just cut the crap, the class would be over in fifteen minutes.” it’s true. but he was talking about the power of dreams, and how they can reveal more about you than anything you can imagine.

yes, i updated the dream log with a pretty gross dream. a lot of my dreams consist of nightmares filled with monsters and death. but what do they mean?

the room has a ceiling of about sixty feet, and is a circular room. all around the room are giant screens for 360 degree movies to be played on. the teacher travels all over the world, to russia, india, mexico, egypt, and films inside of tombs and mosques with these cameras. there was a guy snoring really loud in the back.

i have a physics project due the 15th, and i planned on going with matty to the way cool orlando science center to impress the teacher. i would bring my camera along and have a picture of me riding the foucalt pendulum! but alas, on the radio this morning, i heard “barnum and bailey is teaming up with the orlando science center to bring you and your children CIRCUS WEEKEND!!!” i felt sick. not only was the imax movie “extreme sports” instead of ancient egypt, the place would be crawling with kids. so i have decided to go to the local planetarium… they need support anyway.

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