Roll up them pant legs!

Well, it seems a lifetime has gone by in a month. Larry and I went on our honeymoon, and it was quite an amazing trip. Upon returning, we found our home had been affected by the Minot floods; the river had flooded the highest on record (since 1880!). I haven’t had any time to update, and most photos taken have been of the flood damage. Larry and I are staying with Devin, since our neighborhood was under mandatory evacuation. The photo below was before the water rose another foot, and it shows that we lost most of our keepsakes (yearbooks, old uniforms, childhood art), tools, washer, dryer, water heater, that brand new furnace we purchased last December. We were very fortunate that our basement was the only part of the house that flooded. Most were not as lucky. Although most people in Minot did not own flood insurance, we do. Hey, look, there were pretty pink peonies under all that snow!

Tonight I am feeling under the weather, having experienced my first flight with full up oxygen mask and an unpressurized aircraft. Symptoms of hypoxia set in, and I am feeling generally sick and feverish, having flown at 19,000 feet. It’s like climbing a mountain that tall, wearing an oxygen mask. It’s still tough on your physique. Tomorrow Larry and I are going to borrow our neighbor’s pump to remove as much water as we can from our basement and begin to get things in order. His deployment was postponed for six weeks, and I’m slated to go in the winter. Can’t say I’ll be upset about missing another Minot winter! Every cloud has a silver lining…

And here is a honeymoon sneak peek aboard the Queen Mary 2… I promise to post more when things are quieter around here… if they ever are! Never a dull moment! So much to say and never enough time to say it in.

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  1. You two look great on board the Queen Mary!

    Awful about the flood. Floods and such don’t really happen over here (the only way one’s home can be damaged here is pretty much by fire… ) so the thought of returning home to a disaster is terrible. Good thing you had insurance.

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