Rice-a-Roni, the San Francisco Treat!

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PandoraLydia: It’s bigger than my other bags (the others are handbags), and I can use it during the day I guess.
PandoraLydia: The others are for clubbing.
Poseur1039: Well, even if he is a jerk, you can consider this a parting gift. THANKS FOR PLAYING!
PandoraLydia: Thats what I was thinking, parting gift!
Poseur1039: Matt’s spurs for boots… I found them and started to put them aside to give back… but I was like “Hell no! THANKS FOR PLAYING!”
Poseur1039: I also found some really nice, new carpenter’s gloves he loaned me.


No Encyclopedia Britannicas or Turtle Wax, though.

6 thoughts on “Rice-a-Roni, the San Francisco Treat!

      • Heh, oops…
        When playing World of Warcraft, you eaither play as the Horde or the Alliance.
        I play Alliance, and if I’m near a horde character and they say something in general chat, it appears above their head in a different language. As I get killed by Horde players on a pretty regular basis, they say “lol!” a lot. But, as it’s in a different language, it looks like KEK instead of LOL.

        And I’m enough of a frackin’ loser to say kek instead of lol.

        Err. Did that make sense?
        And why the fuck did Matt have spurs?

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