So, yesterday I cleaned rooms for four hours! I had to clean my upstairs bedroom so that Matty could stay in it, as well as move all my things downstairs to the ground floor bedroom that my sister is out of since she’s in Vegas/Spokane. I’m sure I could word that in a less-confusing manner, but whatever. My parents still make us sleep in separate bedrooms. Uh, psst… I think the jig is up, Mom Dad. Really now.

I cleaned that upstairs room top to bottom, even dusted lamp shades cleaned out bureau drawers. Did I mention that I am awesome at cleaning? I even left a TIE-fighter figure in the bathroom by the mirror sprayed a little bit of my perfume around the room to make it smell good (like me). Lastly, I picked out magazines he would like, such as National Geographics about hot air ballooning.

… In news of horror, last night I found out my dad has been throwing away my OK! and InTouch Weekly magazines… including GQ! I was so furious because GQ is the only “meat n’ potatoes” fashion magazine I read. Ladies, pick it up. It doesn’t insult your intelligence like Vogue or Vanity Fair do. & most importantly, the movie reviews are actually spot on…! It features architecture furniture design! Yes! & with the InTouch, I saw online that Ashlee Simpson was getting Botox & I really wanted to know about it… so I went to Wal-Mart bought that issue. Little did I know I had received that very issue in the mail but my dad had pitched it! See why I’m kind of mad? Botox at 23?? Sheer madness!

Here is a photo of me driving. Notice the safety seatbelt… the unsafe practice of taking photos while driving.

In other news, my mom keeps badgering me about job opportunities. I do get the hint & will be out of here as soon as humanly possible! Don’t worry! Nothing here will make me want to stick around!

“The Biltmore Winery & Gift Shop is hiring a store manager.”
“Mom, no amount of money could convince me to do retail again.”
“There’s this cute flash animation site with games… Why not do that?”
“Mom, I want a job with a little bit more lasting accomplishment to it.”
“Why don’t you want to be an animator?”
“I don’t know anything about animation.”
“Why don’t you go back to school and learn it?”
“Well, why don’t you go back to school and be an accountant? Because you don’t have an interest in it, right?”


Please God, no stationary, chained-to-a-computer job. I want to travel and be active. I don’t know why I moved anymore; At least I was learning & making my own money (though not a lot) in Florida. Please Air Force, hurry up with your snail mail announcements. make sure it says Pilot or Nav Select, kthxbye. I’m moving back to Florida if they say yes, for sure. Thank goodness I didn’t actually move any of my things up here. The sun hasn’t been out here in close to four days.

Now she’s ranting about how I haven’t finished glazing her cabinets. Well excuse me, I was busy doing your brand new web site & didn’t get a chance!

Anyway… Picking the ‘roo up at the airport today at 730pm. I haven’t washed my hair in three days… don’t even ask the last time I shaved my legs or armpits (because I don’t remember). The more you read this journal the hotter I get, right? Yowza!

15 thoughts on “Ranting.

  1. moan-zone

    haha i am going to be using that now!

    i read elle girl.
    i’ll see if they do the same!

    and yes i know i am much to old to be readin elle girl….
    but i want to boohooooo


  3. I think my favorite phrase on the list is “moan-zone.” GOD, Cosmo. My friend has a subscription to Cosmo, and we used to read the “sexy fiction story” out loud to each other every month. It was always something along the lines of, “She gazed seductively at the tantilizing line of hair on his stomach that led to the hard, urgent mound in his pants.”

    Really, they never stopped being funny.

    My mom saw an issue at the grocery store and said, “They haven’t changed this magazine since I was 20 years old! Same old sex tips!” (When she was in her 20s she had a centerfold photo from the magazine hanging in her apartment. It was Burt Reynolds, nude on a bearskin rug. No joke.)

    • Haha yes it’s the same Mattykat. Well… the past year has been really iffy (my lj friends will most def agree). We broke up/took a break in October last year. We are trying to work through everything but it’s difficult, you know? There’s no right answer and no easy way to do this. We started hanging out again end of January. So, about seven years this week.

      He’s trying to fix the problems he’s been having emotinally and mommy baggage… and with my Air Force application I guess he realized, “Oh shit, she really is worth getting my ass in gear for” (like getting a job & fixing up his house).

      We’ll see. It’s just… really hard because we haven’t been able to say ILY since the break. If you read back into my journal around Jan/Feb you’ll see the story, if you are bored enough ♥

      • *BIG HUGS* Aw I’m sorry to hear that things are so rough, but at the same time I’m glad you’re independent enough to realize what your priorities are and all of that. Very admirable, indeed.

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