I guess I don’t get too political in my blog because polite people rarely speak about politics & religion in pleasant company… But I have to say that I am so furious about all these ridiculous extra spending bills that are going to come out of my hard earned paycheck.

In college, I didn’t have health care and if I needed to see the doctor, I a) Didn’t go, or b) Paid out of pocket. I didn’t expect anything for “free” or lean on other people to pay for my yearly or medications with nothing in return. I work my ass off for the money I earn and always have. I don’t like handouts and am extremely frustrated that I have to pay for others’. My dad is unemployed and he pays for his own health care with the money he has set aside in savings. He doesn’t expect or take anything for free.

Doctors are free to charge what they like here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. because we are a country founded on capitalism. You have the best product? You can probably charge more and people will pay for it. If you are the best heart doctor in the nation, you have all the right to charge what you’d like and choose your patients. Because you deserve it. You’re the best. Now the government wants to tell you that you’ll take whatever patients they choose… That’s scary. Why do you think doctors from other countries practice medicine here? Because they enjoy the freedoms that only America can offer. You never hear of doctors packing up and moving to Canada for the great opportunities there.

“Every human deserves health care.” No, not really. Yes, if you work hard and are willing to pay for it. I don’t take kindly to communism. What’s next? Every human deserves a computer? A car? Cable television? These are not rights, they are services or goods available for fair trade.

“Nothing in life is free…” Unless you live in America, evidently. Stop spending my money, Washington! I want to save it for my future and retire someday… & not rely on you for anything. Like it should be.

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  1. a lot of people work full time, have employers that do not offer insurance, and cannot afford private insurance.

    a lot of people who try to enter the private insurance market are declined due to preexisting conditions.

    I also feel like I should point out that under EMTALA hospitals can’t turn away people who come in for emergency care, and that gets tacked on everyone who does have insurance’s bill. If we covered basic preventive services for everyone we would probably see overall a decrease in the percentage of GDP spent on health care. I agree that people shouldn’t expect something for nothing, and I agree that if you’re physically able to work you need to be working, but health is a collective good and I would rather my unemployed neighbor get his pneumonia checked out than pass it along to be on the subway.

  2. I worked 2 jobs in college, and still couldn’t afford my medical bills. I’m happy to help others out because being in that situation sucks. I also don’t think that healthcare, a fundamental part of keeping people alive, should be treated like it’s selling someone a pair of shoes. I’m glad the government here provides everyone with healthcare. Our taxes aren’t much higher, I’m not thousands in debt from my few trips to the doctor already, and the government, if run well, can provide these services far cheaper. Usually people who can afford private healthcare are the ones who are all for it. If you can’t, you’re screwed.

  3. Also… if you think about it, most people pay about $150-$200 per month per person for private health insurance, plus co-pays. I probably shelled out close to 7 grand last year just between paying my insurance company, and co-pays for going to the hospital. Here, they pay maybe a percent or two more per YEAR more in taxes, but wouldn’t have to pay any of the co-pays or monthly fees, and everyone’s covered. It’s FAR cheaper for the average person. I fail to see how that’s worse.

  4. You do realize that using this logic, it’s communism that the government paves the roads, provides public education, and provides us with police and fire departments? Unless you plan to live in a wooden shack someplace like a survivalist, you have to rely on the government.

  5. I disagree completely.

    My very dear ex-boyfriend works hard, has a job that (thankfully) provides health insurance, and also has a very rare form of cancer. Despite his health insurance, he is still being driven into the ground with doctor’s bills – and he’s only 30 years old.

    This could happen to anyone. It’s easy to have an “every man for himself” attitude when you’re not suffering from a serious illness, and can afford to either pay for the basics or skip them. I believe in self-reliance in most circumstances, but sometimes there aren’t any options available.

  6. Your ideas are similar to those of Robert Nozick, whom I agree with, to some extent. If you work hard for what you have, then you deserve to keep it. It’s a basic entitlement of human rights and the declaration of the rights of man; the right to private property. The idea of rights was something brought up by Norman Barry (I think)- who said that there are no universal rights because there is no clear, universally agreed upon definition of what a right is.

    I’m torn. On the one hand you have people who are in unfortunate situations not of their own making, who are non smokers, non drinkers etc, have minimal savings and do what they can to afford health care and then BOOM get cancer and stuck with a sky high bill.
    On the other hand, you have people who basically trash their health, have no savings and then expect state health to pick up the pieces.

  7. Every American is afforded free education, police and fire protection. Should we end those nuisances as well? Health care really is something that every American should have a right too. Free health care hasn’t caused the collapse of any of the other countries that have done it.

    And it is so condescending to ignore the privileged life you’ve had that has given you the ample opportunity to make something of yourself (which I noted a few weeks back) and subsequently be able to afford some health care for yourself. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you had everything handed to you but America is hardly the land of equal opportunity that it masks itself as. Just try to think about these things before you go on tirades about the tax sucking lowlifes that make up the lower class, please.

    I still respect you and your opinion just wanted to offer up mine for consideration. We still friends, bb?

  8. So if you’re born to a born family in a ghetto and not afforded the luxury of finishing school before you had to start working to support your family then you shouldn’t get to survive? Cool.

    I have a stomach condition that makes it virtually IMPOSSIBLE for me to work a job. I should just die, right?

    You were born into a well-off socially accepted family. Then you got went to art school and now you work for the air force, supposedly to protect your country. But only the ones with money, right?

    Fuck that. This is the cruelest article I have read on Livejournal EVER.

    God, I don’t even CARE if you want to be my friend, because you’re a selfish cunt. GO BY SOME MORE DRESSES AND LET THE POOR PEOPLE DIE. CUNT.

    • This was very mature of you. Thank you for your positive contribution.

      Please continue being pro-active by volunteering all of your time and donating all of your money to charitable causes for the less fortunate. Judging from your horrendous comment, it’s safe to conclude that is how you spend every last bit of your time and money, isn’t it?

      The world is a harsh place, yes. You can do something about it on a personal level out of the goodness of your heart. However, I will not have my government forcing this decision and taking the moral choice out of my hands. Change has to be from within, not from a government. These forced choices are unconstitutional. …& therein lies our dilemma.

      Good day.

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