Radio Days

First off, I now have photos of my brand new baby niece, Kathleen Olivia. She was born on Saturday afternoon! She has a big sister, and now I have a small gaggle of beautiful nieces.


I talked to my mother to ask about an antique radio on which I had my heart set. A few months ago, she found out the exact one was in Edward Cullen’s room in Twilight and wanted to sell it. I objected loudly, of course, and didn’t mention it for a while. Well, she has decided I may have it for my apartment in Minot. It means a lot to me because she owned a 1930s themed restaurant when I was in high school that I worked in for a year or so. I, of course, made the music CDs and we all wore 1930s aprons my grandmother made. There were a lot of good times (and good food) in that restaurant.

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