So I haven’t updated in a while, yes. I am working the shoe-chucking job at Macy’s & it’s okay. I have some really nice co-workers: they are always full of scandalous gossip to boot. One co-worker is a haggy alcoholic who says her kids are sick so she can call out of work… the kids are always calling Macy’s wondering where she is. Nice! It’s also like, twenty below zero in the clearance section. That’s probably why ladies buy shoes from me. My headlights are always a blazin’. Hot!

My current obsession is Mario Party 8. When I’m not dashing all over freezing cold stockrooms in a shoe-induced frenzy, I am vegging on the couch. It’s Girl Scout cookie season, and nothing goes together like Monster Mean Bean and a thin mint sleeve or two. Really healthy, really delicious. As mentioned in a previous entry, my usual fare is Sun Chips and Diet Coke. Gamers, you can have your Doritos and Code Red. I’m bringin’ back zexy in a Diet Coke way.

I got a hair cut by teh awesome Stephy Dee and she always does a great job. She has the mad flat-iron skillz.

I hate electronics that nag. Cell phones on low battery, refrigerators that yell at you when you keep the door open too long, cell phones with voice messages. I turn ALL that shit off.

Lastly, my trig teacher is probably a lesbian and she is a little older than me, a very recent masters graduate. She is really nice and always teaches right to me. Probably figures I can use the extra help.

7 thoughts on “Quickly.

  1. Foxy as always, m’dear. xoxo
    And I know what you mean about the dying cell phone…my phone is horrible and the battery starts dying after, like, five minutes. So I’m always hearing that awful beeping sound, ugh.

  2. Hmm. An affair with a lesbian teacher. Now that’s hot. I’m pretty sure that happy lesbians are my favorite group of people. There’s no sexual attraction, because I’m a dude, and they always seem to be honest…and a keen judge of people. Hmm.

    So your headlights are a blazin, huh? Is that like your milkshakes bringing the boys to the yard? Speaking of milkshakes, yeah mean beans are the heat.

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